Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back to beach life in Roatan

Roatan has several areas. We enjoy anchoring on the West End for the access to beach. We had enough of green mountains. It is nice ti be able to pick, so later we will check out the other anchorages around the island. 

We had a great passage. Nearly perfect weather, we still had to motor sail. It was just an overnighter. We left Tuesday morning at high tide and arrived in Roatan on the West End side around 24 hours later. 

Schooner did great for her first over night passage. She figured out it was way safer in the cockpit and decided it was okay to use her potty grass even though it isnt in its normal spot. She was a great help when it came to Steve pulling up the anchor. She got to see a pod of dolphins as well. 

It is nice to be back to a place we have already figured out where all the essentials are located. We know how their bus system works. We know where to get the best produce and meats. We can just kick back and relax for this visit. 

Schooner got her first taste of the beach and absolutely loved it. She ran right in with no hesitation and swam like a fish. She played and played. She is just what Steve wanted. He is on cloud nine with his little girl. 

We have a friend flying in for a visit in a few weeks. We will show her around a little then take her on a sail over to check out a small set of islands close enough for a day sail. Until she gets here we will enjoy the beach life. 

I posted a few videoa on youtube and on Saga Sea's facebook page 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Heading back to the Bay Islands

Today is check out day. We decided to take the trip back down the Rio nice and slow. We stayed one night in the El Golfete lake and took a dinghy ride in the Manatee Preserves. 

Schooner enjoyed herself. 

Schooner slept for most of the trip down the river. I guess it was during her nap time. 

We went into Livingston yesterday for a Lobster dinner. While there a local Mayan Artist was admiring Schooner. 

Oh I forgot to mention the trivia night. We participated in the weekly cruisers dinner and a game of trivia. We were doubtful but we wanted to spend some more time with our adobted cruising parents before we parted ways again. We had a great time and it was at a cool hotel/restaurant. If you are ever visiting the Rio check out Kangaroo hotel. It was a cool laid back place 

Well we should leave for Roatan tomorrow morning at high tide. Back to beach life 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tick tock in The Rio Dulce

Well the end of our stay is before us and a weather window looks to be opening. Our move to Livingston to check out of the country will possibly begin this Sunday. We will check out on Monday, spend the night then head back to Roatan early Tuesday morning. So back to beach life for us. We are looking forward to seeing Schooner run on a beach. Just having an open beach to walk will be nice. 

I will miss the local boat from Guatemala House bringing supplies directly to the boat twice a week. That has been a pure luxury.  Oh and this view from my port light in the galley 

We have met some pretty cool people here. Like, Nike from
As well as Rufus and Kate Brand from and Mikee and Katy from  They are some great young people out here living life to the fullest. Very inspiring. 

We will also miss the rio and its cheap teak. If Steve had his way he would replace the complete cabin sole with teak but I like the way it looks now and there are tons of other things I would replace first. But if you are in the market for teak, the rio dulce is the place to go. Veto, here  at Blue Island has a great supply of it and mahogany. You can contact him on the net. 

We replaced a few things. Cross beams for the dinghy and added a solid piece on the engine cover for stability and protection. 

The first thing to do in Roatan is to buy a new coffee grinder. We only have a few AC power gadgets and a grinder was one of them. Steve has had to take over its job this month when we found ours had died. It was a good little grinder and it will be missed

Our life 

Well that is all folks but I have been posting videos on our youtube channel for you all to watch. Maybe one day they will get better. Lol. Until then I will keep practicing 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Planning for our next move

Schooner is finding her spot in our life and aboard Saga Sea. She is finding her spot on Putz-Sea and is enjoying the trips in her to shore. 

She even enjoys the evening swarm of the local Mayflies. She enjoys the chase of catching them. I wish I could of caught a picture of her in action. So she is our mascott, bug catcher, and takes care of any labels. 

The Captain and I have started planning our next move since our three months is almost to an end. By the end of the month we will head back to Roatan. It is a perfect place to stop as we make our way to Providencia, Columbia. Its a small island before you come upon Panama. 

Our orginal plan was to spend 2016 in Panama but I have been thinking twice about how I feel about warm wet seasons. I live boat life but not in weather conditions where Im closed up for days on end. Panama seems to have many weeks of those conditions. 

So, the Captain agrees that I am probably not the happiest in those conditions. The great thing about our lifestyle is we can change our plans. We are looking at what we may do next year. For sure we will spend a few months in the Bay Islands then onto Providencia, Columbia. Who knows from there. 

Just a few more weeks in the Rio...

Until Next Time My Friends

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Saying goodbye to our Traveling Mate

Well we said goodbye to our friend this morning. We sure enjoyed her company and all her help. I suppose I needed her when we got back. She was great about carrying the heavy bags and helping me restock the boat after our absence. 

I know Schooner will miss her new friend. She will be forced to rummage through her toy box by herself now that her playmate is gone. 

We will miss Marina's humor and craftiness. 

We wish her much prosperity and may God protecter her in her travels. 

See you soon my friend with the hobbit feet 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back On The Rio Dulce

Well all went well with our travels back to the Rio. Schooner did fabulously on the plane and at the airport. She did enjoy getting to play in the van that was hired to pick us up for the five hour road trip to the boat.  

She is figuring out the boat and using her  potty grass outside. 

A friend of ours met us at the boat for a visit. We met Marina about three years ago. She is the oldest of seven children. We met the family a few months before they left on their big adventure to cruise the Caribbean on a 41ft Mogan. Marina decided to take her own path when the family hit Mexico. She has been hoping all over from Boston to the Med, then back over to the Caribbean. 

She is now on her way to Guatemala City to catch a flight to Nothern California. We were fortunately to be at the right place at the right time to cross paths. 

She and Steve have been checking out smaller sailboats in the area. She is on the hunt for her own sailboat. Perhaps she will find her diamond in the rough in the Rio. 

We have checked out of Nanajuana marina where we left Saga Sea for our travels. We enjoy living at anchor. More wind and less bugs as well as being way cheaper. 

Our plans are to stay in the Rio Dulce for this month then head back to the Bay Islands. 

Untill then We will enjoy our morning girl by watching the sunrises here in the Rio 

Until next time my friends, stay classy