Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tick tock in The Rio Dulce

Well the end of our stay is before us and a weather window looks to be opening. Our move to Livingston to check out of the country will possibly begin this Sunday. We will check out on Monday, spend the night then head back to Roatan early Tuesday morning. So back to beach life for us. We are looking forward to seeing Schooner run on a beach. Just having an open beach to walk will be nice. 

I will miss the local boat from Guatemala House bringing supplies directly to the boat twice a week. That has been a pure luxury.  Oh and this view from my port light in the galley 

We have met some pretty cool people here. Like, Nike from
As well as Rufus and Kate Brand from and Mikee and Katy from  They are some great young people out here living life to the fullest. Very inspiring. 

We will also miss the rio and its cheap teak. If Steve had his way he would replace the complete cabin sole with teak but I like the way it looks now and there are tons of other things I would replace first. But if you are in the market for teak, the rio dulce is the place to go. Veto, here  at Blue Island has a great supply of it and mahogany. You can contact him on the net. 

We replaced a few things. Cross beams for the dinghy and added a solid piece on the engine cover for stability and protection. 

The first thing to do in Roatan is to buy a new coffee grinder. We only have a few AC power gadgets and a grinder was one of them. Steve has had to take over its job this month when we found ours had died. It was a good little grinder and it will be missed

Our life 

Well that is all folks but I have been posting videos on our youtube channel for you all to watch. Maybe one day they will get better. Lol. Until then I will keep practicing 

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  1. Nice pics! Good to know about the Teak. Safe travels over to your next stop! Thinking of you three!