About the Crew

We are Steve and Tracie Boyd.  We met back in 2002..... I had two kids and Steve was looking for trouble.  While we were dating he asked if I would ever consider living on a boat.  My answer was sure, but I don't think I  realized that it would become our reality.

The kids are married and gone and we are living on a boat.  Both of the kids went in the military and the boy (Sonnie) is now out and married to a lovely woman.  I am hoping they do a lot of fun things before having children but it is all up to them.

Samantha is trying to make a career out of the Army... I am very proud of her focus and commitment.  I want her to see the world.  Especially to come see ME!

Steve and I decided to only have a special child.. Her name is Fairlane... she is the "Golden Child"  perfect for the boat.. she has always gone with us on every trip we have ever taken... Maybe one day we will find her a sister.. 

We plan on leaving the Houston area in October of 2014.  We will head south to Isla Mujeres, Mexico which is next to Cancun.  

We hope to see you along our travels... 


We left as planned and made it to Isla Mujeres in ten days. The trip is documented in the posts.  We lost our precious crew mate, Fairlane.  She is buried on a lovely hilltop in Guanaja, Honduras.  We missed her and missed having a third mate aboard so we flew back to Texas and brought back our little Schooner.  She is a Teacup Australian Shepherd.  She seems perfect for this life style.  Meet Schooner  

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