About the Crew

We are Steve and Tracie Boyd.  We met back in 2002..... I had two kids and Steve was looking for trouble.  While we were dating he asked if I would ever consider living on a boat.  My answer was sure, but I don't think I  realized that it would become our reality.

The kids are grown and gone. We sold everything took off on our sailboat, SV Saga Sea.  Now it is just us and our side kick, Schooner, sailing the Western Caribbean, flying around the world to housesit, and driving around the Americas in new wheels, well coming soon. We love living the nomadic life.

 We do have a new addition to the family,  Warren August Potts, we hope one day he will join us for at least a visit but Im thinking he will be a Pirate like his Ginger, at least a Nomad.

Well enough about the details.. sign up to get the lastest on our adventures.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube... We are EVERYWHERE!

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