Monday, October 9, 2017

Less than Three More Months Until We are Home

Currently, I'm a mess inside, filled with so many emotions.  From anger, broken hearted, fear, anxious, nervous,  inpatient, and excitement.  A lot is going on around the world and it is on the news.. in our faces.. well i'm sure only some of it, but it is there.  

Hurricane Irma tore up the east Caribbean, fires all over the west North America, earthquakes in Central America, Volcanoes over in Asia.  Oh and the shooting all over North America.  And our friend Nike, of #WhiteSpotPirate had her kayak stolen.. πŸ™.  Last year our friends of #calmseasgentlebreeze lost their dinghy to theft as well.

Schooner and her new mini me toy

Celebrating a good friend of our's 92nd Birthday

Our hearts go out to everyone around the world suffering from something beyond their control.

All of this makes my heart yearn for our life on Saga Sea.  It isn't because I feel safer there, it's because IF I'm going to leave this world I would like to be in a content state, not in limbo.  I feel there is no such place as “safety” until I get to Heaven.  I have become an anarchist to all form of government and organization because I have found the human nature is to be selfish.  I am only loyal to my God, who wants me to follow whatever laws are set here in this world.. so I will do my best at refraining from injuring others that I feel have done myself or others wrong.  Believe me that is a constant personal battle for me.  

Ok enough of that.. ill step off my pedestal.

My lil GMan (Gingerbread Man)

So, what have we been up to besides counting the days until we return home.. well I've been working on completing a certification to teach english as a foreign language online, TEFL.  It is 150 hour course online.  I would like to complete it soon and find a company to work for before we leave so I can work any issues out before we return home.  

Steve and his mother's Sunday Nap

I also wrote an article about our life for an online house sitting magazine.  That was exciting and scary.  It also pushed me to improve my writing.

I'm really excited about house sitting in Europe next summer.  I'm trying to learn and prepare for what we will need to know.  I'm meeting so many experience sitters who are teaching me a ton of great stuff.

GMan at the Houston Zoo

Let's see, what else.. oh I finally completed my brother's Punisher blanket.. there is something wrong with combining crocheting and the Punisher.

Steve has been great with staying steady and finishing his contract to work until December.  He is also has put his foot into the trading ring with our friend, Pat Schulte.

I am about to torture him with a small family camping trip.  I have been planning a family reunion for my mother's birthday this weekend.  She passed away in 2012, we had just bought Saga Sea.  I sure wish she could have been around to see all that we have done.  I know she had a tough time visualizing what we were planning.  

Daughter on her first Archeology dig

Also, wish she could have seen our little GMan, Warren.  She would have loved him.  

Can you see the Bald Eagle 

Ok, so this month is the camping weekend then the last weekend of October, we are driving to Florida to ship all our supplies to Guatemala.  It will be a nice get away.  

We can't wait to get it all on Saga Sea and play with all the new toys like the hookah.  

I guess that is all for now my friends.. please be good to yourselves and OTHERS.

Smooches 😊

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Harvey the Stocker

Wow a lot has happened around here lately… Harvey was searching for me but I was able to dodge him.  We happen to have set plans to visit friends in a small town called Kerrville, Texas.. it was just north of where Harvey was predicted to come ashore.  We took the chance that our prediction of Kerrville being too north of where he would land and it paid off.. we left a day earlier and was able to get there fine and when Harvey did come ashore only experience some rain and a little wind..  

I've been warned about being so public may invite stocker and he sure was a problem… he sat on Houston a few days and really caused a lot of devastation for people.  Everyone in both our families are fine.  My son did have to evacuated but he finally was able to come home to a dry house.  Their only issue is the sewage is out in the whole area.  

While visiting our friends in Kerrville we toured the WWII museum in Fredericksburg.  Boy was that a lot of information, Steve was in heaven and it sure was nice to get out and about.  Schooner also enjoyed being right across a river while staying with our friends.

Other than that nothing else has been going on.. that was plenty.. had to wait for roads to drain off and stores to fill back up and now we have a fuel shortage.. fun fun fun but we feel very blessed because there are much worse things going on in the world for many people… including here.. we were very fortunate.   

We now have less than 4 months to go until we get to sleep in our own bed.. this month just marked a year we have been back in the states.. for us it seems forever .. for our family and friends it doesn't seem that long.  

We are gathering things to drive down to Florida in October to put on a cargo ship to be delivered in Guatemala.  Hopefully this next storm does not intrude with those plans or any other storm this year.

I have a feeling this month is going to be the hardest because we will watch cruising friends return to the Rio to begin annual upkeep on their boats and head off to do another season.  It will sadden us to watch and we will feel that urge to join them.. like migrating birds.. πŸ™  We will have to remind ourselves that we are doing the right thing and it will be worth it in the end.  

Well I suppose that is all for now.. we have our friends in the Eastern side in our prayers with this new storm out there.. may you all weather safely.  

Smooches 😊

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Making the Best of Idle Time

I know this will sound terrible but I would rather watch pets than children except when it comes to my little pirate, Warren.  Recently, I got the opportunity to watch him for two weeks while his normal sitter was taking a summer break with her own family.

He is now 6 months old so he is growing and learning so quickly. It was a pleasure to get to witness it in person. He is such a good little boy. My son is lucky to have it so easy, hehehe😊

After those two weeks I took off with a friend to New Orleans for a few days. Just taking in the sights. We enjoyed a carriage tour of the French Quarters, then a walking tour of the Garden District.  While there I enjoyed talking to the many tourists. One night I met three ladies on a two week baseball tour around the states.  Loved that, women traveling with complete strangers enjoying their favorite pastime sport. 

Now I am back and currently watching three pups for a few days. We have two pet sits this month. Pet sitting has turned out to be something we both enjoy and we are meeting some awesome families. I'm really looking forward to doing this abroad.

If you are interested in reading about our experiences you can find my Facebook page

Until next time my friends be good to yourself and others. Oh please sign up to receive notifications of when I post. Thanks😊

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Just a check in

Just checking in with you all..  we have been doing normal society things.. like work socials.. where you go do something with your coworkers for relationship building. A night of bowling and dinner.. and I  learned I still suck at bowling.  

Im still hanging out with the neighborhood animals.. 

Im also dog/house sitting for a new friend I met at the dog park. We are fellow hookers (meaning we crochet or knit) 😜

As you can see her and her husband have a lovely home.. Steve and I are enjoying it greatly these two weeks.  

We love how it isnt huge yet it is comfy and efficient 

Doesnt it look like we are suffering

Yeah we really hate it here πŸ˜‚

And I don't think their dogs like us much either 

Aww pics are out of order. This is Janie Mother Boyd's kitty

And here are some of my veggies Im growing

Yep just hell for me 😜😎

Oh and Schooner hates it as well 

Well thats all that is going on here in our world. 

Until next time my friends.. be good to yourself and Others 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Streamlining travel plans

Well to start this off, Schooner had a false pregnancy.  I knew I never witness any hanky panky but she sure thought she was so I thought there was a chance they snuck behind my back like my daughter did years ago.. hahah. So No Puppies.. πŸ˜•

Lets see what else?... not a whole lot.  Ive been hanging out on the back porch feeding the neighbor horses and playing with the MIL's cat, Janie.. unfortunately thw other cat passed away. Not sure what made her sick but we just couldnt get her better.

I have also been pet/house sitting for friends and with summer here, more friends are needing me, which is great.. love getting out and about.
Neighbor horse wanting his treat

My little pirate is growing

Our mornings 

Steve has been slaving away and counting the days before he is released back to the sea.  Making his lists of projects and streamlining our return plans and shipping for the supplies we have been gathering.
My little pirate practicing his mean face

Steve testing out his new autopilot

Focus Board

Here is a list of goodies we are shipping back to the boat

* fabric for new suncover and cockpit cushions
* new autopilot
* new hookah
* three filter system for incoming water from hose
*extra dc fans
*extra strainer
*extra water filter for drinking water and for new watermaker
*back up spark plugs for gennie and outboard
* new shower pump

That is just a few things. Well the major things. I have also stocked up on my essential oils and dog treats and balls..
Schooner ready for the beach

Watergate Marina Old Pier 5 Reunion 

Oh I also order those turkish towels the other cruisers love and some beeswax covers to use in the galley.. a few kitchen utensils..

Just some odd and ends. I will try them all out and let everyone know what I

Well Ciao for now my friends. Be good to yourself and others