Sunday, June 4, 2017

Streamlining travel plans

Well to start this off, Schooner had a false pregnancy.  I knew I never witness any hanky panky but she sure thought she was so I thought there was a chance they snuck behind my back like my daughter did years ago.. hahah. So No Puppies.. 😕

Lets see what else?... not a whole lot.  Ive been hanging out on the back porch feeding the neighbor horses and playing with the MIL's cat, Janie.. unfortunately thw other cat passed away. Not sure what made her sick but we just couldnt get her better.

I have also been pet/house sitting for friends and with summer here, more friends are needing me, which is great.. love getting out and about.
Neighbor horse wanting his treat

My little pirate is growing

Our mornings 

Steve has been slaving away and counting the days before he is released back to the sea.  Making his lists of projects and streamlining our return plans and shipping for the supplies we have been gathering.
My little pirate practicing his mean face

Steve testing out his new autopilot

Focus Board

Here is a list of goodies we are shipping back to the boat

* fabric for new suncover and cockpit cushions
* new autopilot
* new hookah
* three filter system for incoming water from hose
*extra dc fans
*extra strainer
*extra water filter for drinking water and for new watermaker
*back up spark plugs for gennie and outboard
* new shower pump

That is just a few things. Well the major things. I have also stocked up on my essential oils and dog treats and balls..
Schooner ready for the beach

Watergate Marina Old Pier 5 Reunion 

Oh I also order those turkish towels the other cruisers love and some beeswax covers to use in the galley.. a few kitchen utensils..

Just some odd and ends. I will try them all out and let everyone know what I

Well Ciao for now my friends. Be good to yourself and others

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Flinish line set

Well our little grandson, Warren is growing like a weed..  he looks like his hair is red which pleases me greatly.. my contribution and revenge all in one. Hahah. I whisper to him of how he is going to sail the high seas with me..

Oh remember our friend Jesselyn, whom came for a visit when we were in Roatan.. well she completed the Houston Iron Man... we went to watch her complete what she had trainned so hard for. Very proud of her

This is my lil man at Easter. Look at that red hair and adorable face

We have been buying things to take back to the boat and Im going to slip this little thing in for mending clothes.. isnt it cute 

Little Schooner and her favorite toy the fisbee..  here is a little secrete .. she may be having little schooners soon. Steve is making her pull her way and add $ to the cruising account as well. 

Easter time with the inlaws

Aww we stopped by the house we built years ago. We were pleased to see the trees have grown and the palm trees in the back we planted are huge.  See we were like the rest of the world for a little bit. Heheh

More great pics of my lil man... 

He is practing his sword fighting. Heheh

So I titled this post the finish line is set because we purchased our tickets back to our very missed Saga Sea. 

I will be counting down the days until December 28th..  I can't wait.. a good friend of our's stopped by and checked on her.. she looks so good.. we miss her very much

Until next time my friends. Maybe Ill have puppy pics to share ..  eeeekkk 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Counting the Days

We are still here in Texas counting the days until we can get back to our home, Saga Sea.. trying to stay focused on the goal..

We have been dog sitting for friends and judging BBQ for a local VFW.. spending time with family and friends.

Here are some pictures from the last time I shared

We had a friend over for Schooner for a few weeks. We decided we really like only having 1 dog at a time..hahah

Family .. i bet you can tell which family hahah not the Boyds. Hahah

Awww the little guy came for a visit

Aren't they adorable 

Dog sitting.. 2 sets of labs.. im becoming the lab whisper

Schooner finding her place during dog sitting

Steve enjoying other people's home and TV. Haha

Aww Judging BBQ Cookout. 

Steve jugded Bloody Marys and Chicken and I judged Ribs. Not a bad gig

Had a lovely Birthday with family and friends. Hello 46

More Baby Warren Pics. He will be a fine pirate with his Ginger

 Saga Sea waiting for us.. friends checking on her for us

Until next time my friends

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our New Crew Member

Well our new crew member has finally arrived into the world.

Warren August Potts came into this world on January 28, 2017 at 3:22 pm, weighing 6.1 amd 18 inches. And he is Gorgeous!

Both beautiful Mother and handsome Baby did great and doing wonderful..and let me tell you how great my son is being a Daddy.. makes a mother so proud.

Let see well that is the huge news lately and I am sure for the year..

We have been keeping our heads down trying to not cry too much of being away from our sweet Saga Sea..

Steve is being great working at the office.. oh yeah he is now working in an office at a big company and all that goes along with that.. he notices how much he has changed in the last 5-8 years.

We both feel like we dont have very much in common with people living the traditional lifestyle any more.. we are aliens here.. ... basically everywhere I suppose..

For now he will continue to work and I will try to not spend too much on the new baby.  I will try to keep my mind busy with crocheting and keeping schooner entertained by taking her on walks and bike rides..

Until next time my friends. Be good to yourself and others