Wednesday, April 24, 2019

More of our time in the Bay Islands

I should make myself do this more often.  Time seems to be slipping away so fast — these pictures of our time in Fantasy Island Marina on Roatan.  We enjoyed our month there even though it was to replace our battery bank.  With a boat, it is always something - they are high maintenance

There are so many things we enjoy about the Bay Islands but with my gypsy tendencies, Im not sure we can ever settle forever. 

I, Tracie, has lived the longest ever on Saga Sea than in any house.  Isn't that crazy.  I suppose it is because it moves. 

Well, enjoy the pictures. They are pretty incredible.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Spending Christmas in Roatan Honduras 2018

I'm so sorry I've fallen behind on our blog.  With Facebook being as popular as it is now I suppose it is my first thing to update.  Faster and easier.

We did spend Christmas 2018 in Roatan at Fantasy Island Marina because we were changing out our battery bank.  

Roatan can be a very social island.  We joined some land expats to the grand opening of Roatan's newest brewery.

The great thing about staying at Fantasy Island marina is the beach access.  We appreciate the ease of just stepping off the boat and walking a very short distance to a fabulous beach with plenty of chairs and shade. 

Since a good friend of ours is the harbor master at Fantasy Island, I was recruited to organize the holiday meal. I decided to try my hand at roasting a pork leg using a local recipe. I have to pat myself on the back for a well-done job.  The grill I had to use was hanging on by isn't own the last leg, so I was a bit concerned.

Overall we had a great visit with new and old cruising friends.  We all enjoyed the fabulous weather and array of food.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

More of the Bay Islands, Good place to replace our Battery Bank

While in Utila checking into Honduras we started to smell a bilgy smell.  We couldn't figure out what it could be until our battery monitor started acting funny as well.

We have six Trojan golf cart size batteries for our battery bank.  We bought them new in 2013. This year we put replacing them on our to-do list. We have not had any problem with them but these types of batteries last approximately 4-5 years, and we are at the end. It is difficult to replace something that seems to be working so we figured we would give it until summer time.  But didn't make it.

We came to the conclusion it had to be the batteries that were putting off that smell. So we went straight to French Harbor where we could get a slip and find parts. 

Roatan is not a bad place to do boat work. We rented a slip for a month and got to work.

There is always good times to be had. Especially when you are birth next to a sister boat, Tayana 37.

We also had fellow Texan friends to visit with.

Found new Trojan Batteries on the mainland and got them shipped in for a great deal. I'm not sure we would have gotten a better deal in the States.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What we love about the Bay Islands, Roatan

Let's start with Roatan, the larger Island in Honduras Bay Islands. 

We enjoy the diverse anchorages. You can be in populated areas, such as West End to French Caye Harbor, or you can get off by yourself in Port Royal or Calebash.

The water is just as diverse depending on what is below.  You have the blue water over the white sands and the deep green water over the lush vegetation.

The snorkeling and diving is great all around Roatan.

Plenty of the anchorages are protected and have great holding

Accommodations in these anchorages vary.  In West End you have access to walk to many stores and restaurants.  City transportation is easy to find as well from taxis to a city bus. 

On the East End anchorages more travel is required because you are more remote.

Mid Roatan has other forms such as a shuttle that the large grocery store provides once a week from Fantasy Island Marina.  Also,  local laundry service picks up and drops off if enough cruisers participate.

Roatan has a large fishing fleet still so some boat supplies can be found on the island. Shipping items in is fairly easy.  There is also good hardware stores, such as Ace Hardware.

You can easily get from one anchorage to another in a day sail.

We enjoy the Bay Islands and plan to spend several years in and around them.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Back in Honduras Bay Islands, Utila 1st

Utila is now our check in and check out port for the Bay Islands.  We enjoy the convenience of the location for the Port Captain's and Immigration offices.  We also love how convenient it is to get all the supplies we need in Utila.  It is becoming fast one of our favorites spots.  

I love the coffee shop with a dock for the dinghy and wifi.. 💕

Sunsets are Gorgeous!

Able to get different food and Ice coffee

Plenty of bars/restaurants that have a great view of our home

The Island is small enough that it only takes a few hours to tour it in a Golf Cart.

The roads aren't always the best especially after rains

But they can be fun!

Until you get the Golf Cart stuck.. then it Sucks big time. We recommend renting the  4 wheeler.. not the golf cart unless you stay on paved roads

I thought you would all enjoy seeing how it can really be traveling with us..  

Steve was in a Very bad mood because of this for a few days  hahaha

But once he received the new VHF that a few friends muled to us.. he was on a much better mood. He also got a new tablet. 

I am still working remotely and loving it!

This is a restaurant's dish washing area.. 

These next videos of this awesome resort/restaurant that is amazing.. the restaurant was closed when we went there but we were able to tour the place. 
We love the Jade Sea Horse

We stayed a few weeks in Utila then we headed to French Key Harbor in Roatan.  We will be back in Utila at the end of our 90 day stay in the Bay Islands