Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Planning for our next move

Schooner is finding her spot in our life and aboard Saga Sea. She is finding her spot on Putz-Sea and is enjoying the trips in her to shore. 

She even enjoys the evening swarm of the local Mayflies. She enjoys the chase of catching them. I wish I could of caught a picture of her in action. So she is our mascott, bug catcher, and takes care of any labels. 

The Captain and I have started planning our next move since our three months is almost to an end. By the end of the month we will head back to Roatan. It is a perfect place to stop as we make our way to Providencia, Columbia. Its a small island before you come upon Panama. 

Our orginal plan was to spend 2016 in Panama but I have been thinking twice about how I feel about warm wet seasons. I live boat life but not in weather conditions where Im closed up for days on end. Panama seems to have many weeks of those conditions. 

So, the Captain agrees that I am probably not the happiest in those conditions. The great thing about our lifestyle is we can change our plans. We are looking at what we may do next year. For sure we will spend a few months in the Bay Islands then onto Providencia, Columbia. Who knows from there. 

Just a few more weeks in the Rio...

Until Next Time My Friends

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