Monday, October 26, 2015

Heading back to the Bay Islands

Today is check out day. We decided to take the trip back down the Rio nice and slow. We stayed one night in the El Golfete lake and took a dinghy ride in the Manatee Preserves. 

Schooner enjoyed herself. 

Schooner slept for most of the trip down the river. I guess it was during her nap time. 

We went into Livingston yesterday for a Lobster dinner. While there a local Mayan Artist was admiring Schooner. 

Oh I forgot to mention the trivia night. We participated in the weekly cruisers dinner and a game of trivia. We were doubtful but we wanted to spend some more time with our adobted cruising parents before we parted ways again. We had a great time and it was at a cool hotel/restaurant. If you are ever visiting the Rio check out Kangaroo hotel. It was a cool laid back place 

Well we should leave for Roatan tomorrow morning at high tide. Back to beach life 

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