Sunday, October 4, 2015

Back On The Rio Dulce

Well all went well with our travels back to the Rio. Schooner did fabulously on the plane and at the airport. She did enjoy getting to play in the van that was hired to pick us up for the five hour road trip to the boat.  

She is figuring out the boat and using her  potty grass outside. 

A friend of ours met us at the boat for a visit. We met Marina about three years ago. She is the oldest of seven children. We met the family a few months before they left on their big adventure to cruise the Caribbean on a 41ft Mogan. Marina decided to take her own path when the family hit Mexico. She has been hoping all over from Boston to the Med, then back over to the Caribbean. 

She is now on her way to Guatemala City to catch a flight to Nothern California. We were fortunately to be at the right place at the right time to cross paths. 

She and Steve have been checking out smaller sailboats in the area. She is on the hunt for her own sailboat. Perhaps she will find her diamond in the rough in the Rio. 

We have checked out of Nanajuana marina where we left Saga Sea for our travels. We enjoy living at anchor. More wind and less bugs as well as being way cheaper. 

Our plans are to stay in the Rio Dulce for this month then head back to the Bay Islands. 

Untill then We will enjoy our morning girl by watching the sunrises here in the Rio 

Until next time my friends, stay classy

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  1. I like your new SagaSea Logo with Schooner on it! Perfect!! Thanks for the update.