Monday, August 31, 2015

Guatemala City

We secured the boat at Nana Juana Marina in the Rio Dulce. We have spent the last few days cleaning draws and cabinets. Checking batteries, stowing away outboard and throwing out anything that might spoil. 

We went to Fronteras for our bus ticket to Guatemala City. 

Yesterday we said good bye to Nanajuana and The Rio Dulce 

hired a Tuc Tuc to carry us over the bridge to catch the bus 

The bus ride was very comfortable. Seats were much better than any flight I have ever experienced. It took 5 hours up the mountains which I had no problem sleeping through most of it. 

We got checked into a B&B that is next to the airport called Marianna's Petite Hotel, which is in a very secure gated community.  

This morning we woke to a nice crisp temptature of 66 degrees, so so lovely. Had our coffee and a traditional style Guatemalian breakfast. 

All the homes we have seen are very closed off to the road. They all seem to have a cement wall and gate for protection amd privacy 

We took about a three mile walk to see more of the city. The museum was closed so we walked around their mall. This city is very much like a large city in the US. We saw all of the familiar fast food places even a Hooters, everything except for a Starbucks. Lol. 

Now I'll rest my feet and make sure Im ready for a very early flight, 6am. 

Until next time my friends, stay classy 

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Yeah Saga Sea is back in the water. We are very pleased with Ram' work. She even seems a knot faster. We have been anchored out enjoying the breeze and less bugs, but today we are going into Nanajuana Marina. We will finish getting Saga Sea ready for us to leave her for the month. Sunday we leave on a bus for Guatemala City, where we will fly out on Tuesday. 

This is Fronteras, the towm where you pick up all supplies. Its only a short dinghy ride from the boat. We like to buy our meats and veggies off a small launch that comes around the anchorages on Tuesday and Saturday. 

Ive been crocheting on my jean shorts. One leg is done here. 

Steve put together a new cover for our front hatch to keep rain out while open. That will be nice!

Dinner in the cockpit after a day of sewing. 

We should be in texas on Tuesday. We are excited to see everyone. Especially this little girl 

Cant wait!

Stay classy my friends

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sitting in the sling in Guatemala

Well this post will be mostly a picture dump. As of this morning we are still out of the water. Fingers cross they will splash us today. We would like for them to take that blue boot stripe off and they say they will but nothing yet. RAM does great, reasonable price work, just a bit slow. 

The bill so far

I made flash cards to entertain us during the days

Primer time

Painting antifoul 

Lunch at tortugals 

How I spend our days waiting 

Im feeding the bees

Found another animal to love on

 This morning

We have a week before week before we head to Guatemala City. We will stay there two nights before flying to Houston for a month. Once we get to Houston Ill have a phone again so lots of pictures and Steve can have his Ipad back. I know he is tired of me hogging it.

Stay classy my friends 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Blogs we read

On this post I thought I would share a few of the blogs we follow. We have been reading a lot since the work is being done on the boat we have to keep ourselves entertained. Some of these cruisers we have met along the way and others we hope to meet

Some of them are cruising around the world, some are just bouncing around, others are working and playing. They are all every inspiring and we wish them much joy and prosperity in life 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sanding and Fairing

Still at the boatyard but sleeping on the boat. She is looking pretty good. They have been glassing and fairing. We have to find things to do while they are working on her during the day but the yard has the store/fuel dock and some lovely little shaded tables that have AC power. So we camp out between them during the day. 

Last night, we joined fellow cruisers at Nanajuana for their Sunday evening BBQ. It is nice to visit with people from all over the world on the same mission as us, well for the most part. I even got to love on a local stray cat that seems to show when people gather to eat. He was entertaining. I think Steve worried he would follow us back to the boat but like most males he was done with me and went on his way. I sure miss loving on and spoiling an animal. 

No pics of the BBQ or kitty but have one of Steve changing the water filter for our drinking water. We use a Seagull filter system 
Pictures of where we hang out at Ram Marina

Two more weeks and we will be on a plane headed for Houston Texas, I'm full of anticipation and anxiety 

Until next time my friends, stay classy

Friday, August 14, 2015

Still on the Hard in The Rio

Well we are still here. Hopefully for only another week. They finally completed the sandblasting and have started the sanding. Next process is glassing and fairing as well as more sanding. Then applying the primer and paint.  As you can tell this isnt a normal bottom job. We decided that this poor boat wasn't taken care of prior to us buying her so we thought she needed the full treatment. She is pretty much all refurbished so might as well do the rest of her. 

These are pics of the area. This bridge is very famous 

Since they are finished with the sandblasting we decided to move back on the boat. We missed her and all our things. Yes I have to climb the ladder and use the restrooms for the yard but its worth it, what can I say I'm a sucker for her. Plus I wanted to eat my food again.  

This is where the boat is at

Owners of boats come and go in these here 

Scorpion in the room we were staying in
This is what happens when they come around me

This is what we do while staying off the boat, we watch them work on it 

Steve got cleaned up 

I kind of like the beard, he just needs to get a trimmer 

Ive been searching for other forms of transportation in case we are unable to sneak Schooner on the bus back to the boat. People around here have been great with a ton of solutions. I love being around fellow problem solvers. Thats how I see cruisers since we are always having to forage for supplies in new places every few months, especially in a foreign country and language. It sure makes you think outside the box. 

So we now have a little over two weeks left before heading back to the states. They better get the boat finished because we wanted to be in Guatemala City a few days before our flight to check the place out. This lifestyle keeps you living flexible. 

She is stripped down to glass

That is all for now, stay classy my friends