Thursday, August 27, 2015


Yeah Saga Sea is back in the water. We are very pleased with Ram' work. She even seems a knot faster. We have been anchored out enjoying the breeze and less bugs, but today we are going into Nanajuana Marina. We will finish getting Saga Sea ready for us to leave her for the month. Sunday we leave on a bus for Guatemala City, where we will fly out on Tuesday. 

This is Fronteras, the towm where you pick up all supplies. Its only a short dinghy ride from the boat. We like to buy our meats and veggies off a small launch that comes around the anchorages on Tuesday and Saturday. 

Ive been crocheting on my jean shorts. One leg is done here. 

Steve put together a new cover for our front hatch to keep rain out while open. That will be nice!

Dinner in the cockpit after a day of sewing. 

We should be in texas on Tuesday. We are excited to see everyone. Especially this little girl 

Cant wait!

Stay classy my friends

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