Monday, August 31, 2015

Guatemala City

We secured the boat at Nana Juana Marina in the Rio Dulce. We have spent the last few days cleaning draws and cabinets. Checking batteries, stowing away outboard and throwing out anything that might spoil. 

We went to Fronteras for our bus ticket to Guatemala City. 

Yesterday we said good bye to Nanajuana and The Rio Dulce 

hired a Tuc Tuc to carry us over the bridge to catch the bus 

The bus ride was very comfortable. Seats were much better than any flight I have ever experienced. It took 5 hours up the mountains which I had no problem sleeping through most of it. 

We got checked into a B&B that is next to the airport called Marianna's Petite Hotel, which is in a very secure gated community.  

This morning we woke to a nice crisp temptature of 66 degrees, so so lovely. Had our coffee and a traditional style Guatemalian breakfast. 

All the homes we have seen are very closed off to the road. They all seem to have a cement wall and gate for protection amd privacy 

We took about a three mile walk to see more of the city. The museum was closed so we walked around their mall. This city is very much like a large city in the US. We saw all of the familiar fast food places even a Hooters, everything except for a Starbucks. Lol. 

Now I'll rest my feet and make sure Im ready for a very early flight, 6am. 

Until next time my friends, stay classy 


  1. You guys look GREAT!!!! Have a safe trip...great pictures!!!!!!

  2. The above comment was from PAM Barcroft...(oops)