Friday, August 21, 2015

Sitting in the sling in Guatemala

Well this post will be mostly a picture dump. As of this morning we are still out of the water. Fingers cross they will splash us today. We would like for them to take that blue boot stripe off and they say they will but nothing yet. RAM does great, reasonable price work, just a bit slow. 

The bill so far

I made flash cards to entertain us during the days

Primer time

Painting antifoul 

Lunch at tortugals 

How I spend our days waiting 

Im feeding the bees

Found another animal to love on

 This morning

We have a week before week before we head to Guatemala City. We will stay there two nights before flying to Houston for a month. Once we get to Houston Ill have a phone again so lots of pictures and Steve can have his Ipad back. I know he is tired of me hogging it.

Stay classy my friends 

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