Monday, August 17, 2015

Sanding and Fairing

Still at the boatyard but sleeping on the boat. She is looking pretty good. They have been glassing and fairing. We have to find things to do while they are working on her during the day but the yard has the store/fuel dock and some lovely little shaded tables that have AC power. So we camp out between them during the day. 

Last night, we joined fellow cruisers at Nanajuana for their Sunday evening BBQ. It is nice to visit with people from all over the world on the same mission as us, well for the most part. I even got to love on a local stray cat that seems to show when people gather to eat. He was entertaining. I think Steve worried he would follow us back to the boat but like most males he was done with me and went on his way. I sure miss loving on and spoiling an animal. 

No pics of the BBQ or kitty but have one of Steve changing the water filter for our drinking water. We use a Seagull filter system 
Pictures of where we hang out at Ram Marina

Two more weeks and we will be on a plane headed for Houston Texas, I'm full of anticipation and anxiety 

Until next time my friends, stay classy

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