Monday, December 23, 2013

Take Time

After an medical event with my son, requiring me to take off a week from work, I decided to put my notice in at Starbucks. I decided it was time to take the time to spend some quality moments with my childern and friends before we leave.  

Through my life I have always been up for an adventure. I am not one to fight change. Most of the changes in my life have not been ones I would of chosen but since I met Steve life has seemed to be a bit nicer to me. Maybe I have learned how to make the best of them. 

What I mean is, it seems as if I have more control over the changes. Maybe this comes with maturity and the lack of drama I display when it the middle of it all. Whatever it is, I like it. I like that we have been blessed with the means for me to take this time to work when I want and go for tea with a good friend when ever I want. I can go and spend the night with my daughter, which is what Im doing tonight. I can drive down and spend sometime with old friends before I leave. I can fly to spend some girl time with my bestie. I can take a road trip to Alabama to meet distant family members of mine that I just recently found. I can really appreciate people I care for and use these next nine months for what is important. If something comes up I can just roll with it. 

That is a major lesson this live aboard life has taught me.  I have learned to let go of what is not necessary in life down to socks, lol. I know that sounds strange but how many pairs of socks do one person need?  Living on a boat makes you exam that kind of stuff. Not only how many but what kind as well as the condition of the socks. Well I now do that type of examing with just about everything in my life. I now believe it is a very valuable tool in life that we no longer do.  Now we are taught to gather as much as possible no matter the condition or purpose it serves in your life. 

I could ramble more on that subject but ill leave it at that. Im just happy that I now know now to take the time out to exam things in my life and thin out what is nice but maybe not for me. 

Merry Christmas everyone. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

America' Turkey Day

Our plans today are to spend the holiday with Steve' family. His mother and sisters live in the Houston area. This will most likely be the last Holidays spent with them. 😕. 

Both my parents have passed. My two half-brothers live in Kentucky as well my children live in different states. My small family has always been scattered around the states making the holidays just another day for me. Of course I have always had my local friends that are also away from their families. Which bring up the subject of the Holidays in a Marina.  

Live Aboards seem to be people that either have very little family left or are estranged from their'. I enjoy seeing the person that is an organizer of gatherings corral the ones staying shut in for the holidays.  It makes my heart swell knowing that societies form everywhere without a government promoting it. 😊

On another topic. Steve' work list this weekend seems to be installing the new head and plumbing. The last large system on the boat that has not been replaced. The worse for last. Well not really the worse but Im sure everyone will agree that it is a nasty job. 

He has decided to go with a Lavac head. He has two big manual pumps sitting on the bench. He loves manual pumps and cannot seem to have enough.  Which his reasons makes sense to me so Im all for them. 

I was thinking of making a few videos concentrating on each big system he has changed out to give others Steve' thoughts on what he went with and why. 

Well thats all for now. I must return to my crocheting. I have a lot of yarn to get rid of and many reguests for scarfs and gloves. 

Happy Turkey Day my friends 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Steve' weekend lists

Every weekend Steve has a list he makes for himself. To me it looks like chicken scratch, unlegible, yet he seems to have some sort of plan each weekend. Usually on Sunday he discusses what he is pleased with and what he feels needs to be altered. I just asked to see his list for this weekend and he said he doesnt have one because of the weather but that he has a bottle of Tequila. Oh brother  

Needless of a list he began on installing the new head shower that we received this weekend. By the looks of things it will only be half installed, finished later when weather permits him to cut and varnish the trim.  At least I will have my shower partially back. Oh the joys of living on a boat. 

I have been crocheting hats and gloves for friends and myself. Im trying very hard to use up the excess yarn I have in the way. Recently, I bought a nice address book that I am begin filling. I never thought I would use one of them again, who figured. 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Basically, we are about a year out from departing for our adventure.... where?  Where ever we want.... at first we will head south...  for how long?  EVER!   how?  By sea, land or air...

I will be practicing for a bit so please don't expect anything exciting on here.. because there wont be anything..

Here are some basic facts...

We are Steve and Tracie .... ages hmmm  old..  haha no lets say in our 40s..

 I have two children that Steve has graciously accepted to love and of course put up with... hahah   They are grown and out on their own.. I call them the Boy and the Girl... They have both chosen to serve our country in the Armed Forces.. The Boy is a Marine and the Girls is a Soldier (Army)

The Boy married last year and now I have a DIL... she is lovely.. I have no idea what she was thinking when she married my Boy but I am happy with his choice.. I am also very happy that they are starting with puppies instead of children... I have two grandbaby Bassetts... Copper and Penny... they are the sweetest.

The Girl, is unmarried and I am pleased...She wants a family one day and I am hoping she takes advantage of her health and freedom for as long as she can then she can have the family if she likes..  

Then there is Fairlane... our LOVE CHILD... She is Steve's only child and little girl...  She is a perfect size for the boat.. her only downfall is that she sheds.... she is a furry child..  she potties on a potty pad and has some back issues so doesn't want to walk much and never jumps... she doesn't even bark.....  Fairlane goes everywhere with us...

So this is a little bit about us... Soon I'll do a post on our Lovely Vessel.. Saga Sea....