Monday, December 23, 2013

Take Time

After an medical event with my son, requiring me to take off a week from work, I decided to put my notice in at Starbucks. I decided it was time to take the time to spend some quality moments with my childern and friends before we leave.  

Through my life I have always been up for an adventure. I am not one to fight change. Most of the changes in my life have not been ones I would of chosen but since I met Steve life has seemed to be a bit nicer to me. Maybe I have learned how to make the best of them. 

What I mean is, it seems as if I have more control over the changes. Maybe this comes with maturity and the lack of drama I display when it the middle of it all. Whatever it is, I like it. I like that we have been blessed with the means for me to take this time to work when I want and go for tea with a good friend when ever I want. I can go and spend the night with my daughter, which is what Im doing tonight. I can drive down and spend sometime with old friends before I leave. I can fly to spend some girl time with my bestie. I can take a road trip to Alabama to meet distant family members of mine that I just recently found. I can really appreciate people I care for and use these next nine months for what is important. If something comes up I can just roll with it. 

That is a major lesson this live aboard life has taught me.  I have learned to let go of what is not necessary in life down to socks, lol. I know that sounds strange but how many pairs of socks do one person need?  Living on a boat makes you exam that kind of stuff. Not only how many but what kind as well as the condition of the socks. Well I now do that type of examing with just about everything in my life. I now believe it is a very valuable tool in life that we no longer do.  Now we are taught to gather as much as possible no matter the condition or purpose it serves in your life. 

I could ramble more on that subject but ill leave it at that. Im just happy that I now know now to take the time out to exam things in my life and thin out what is nice but maybe not for me. 

Merry Christmas everyone. 

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  1. Nice post, Tracie. I like what you say about how boating helps us to see the difference between what it truly important in our lives and what isn't. Boat living does help us see this, and I like it that way.