Thursday, January 9, 2014

Days like this make up for the bad ones

A day like this makes up for at least ten bad ones. Being able to go sit in the cockpit and enjoy lovely weather and the nice rocking of the boat is priceless and why I would even think of living on a boat. 

Living on a sailboat is similar to camping. So it isnt always so comfortable but if you enjoy the outdoors, the lulling rocking and the ability to move when you want it is a way of living to consider. 

Im feeling very blessed with this gorgeous weather today. especially since it is January. It helps get me through to October. 

Steve is working on some posts regarding the refit he has worked very hard on for the past two and a half years. Ill post them soon. We are planning a road trip to Key West for next month. Hopefully, my son and DIL will be able to join us. I thought a road trip would be a better way to spend time with them. I love making memories. Hopefully we will come back with some great stories. 

Until then I leave you with a shot from the cockpit this morning 

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