Thursday, November 28, 2013

America' Turkey Day

Our plans today are to spend the holiday with Steve' family. His mother and sisters live in the Houston area. This will most likely be the last Holidays spent with them. 😕. 

Both my parents have passed. My two half-brothers live in Kentucky as well my children live in different states. My small family has always been scattered around the states making the holidays just another day for me. Of course I have always had my local friends that are also away from their families. Which bring up the subject of the Holidays in a Marina.  

Live Aboards seem to be people that either have very little family left or are estranged from their'. I enjoy seeing the person that is an organizer of gatherings corral the ones staying shut in for the holidays.  It makes my heart swell knowing that societies form everywhere without a government promoting it. 😊

On another topic. Steve' work list this weekend seems to be installing the new head and plumbing. The last large system on the boat that has not been replaced. The worse for last. Well not really the worse but Im sure everyone will agree that it is a nasty job. 

He has decided to go with a Lavac head. He has two big manual pumps sitting on the bench. He loves manual pumps and cannot seem to have enough.  Which his reasons makes sense to me so Im all for them. 

I was thinking of making a few videos concentrating on each big system he has changed out to give others Steve' thoughts on what he went with and why. 

Well thats all for now. I must return to my crocheting. I have a lot of yarn to get rid of and many reguests for scarfs and gloves. 

Happy Turkey Day my friends 

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