Friday, November 22, 2013

Steve' weekend lists

Every weekend Steve has a list he makes for himself. To me it looks like chicken scratch, unlegible, yet he seems to have some sort of plan each weekend. Usually on Sunday he discusses what he is pleased with and what he feels needs to be altered. I just asked to see his list for this weekend and he said he doesnt have one because of the weather but that he has a bottle of Tequila. Oh brother  

Needless of a list he began on installing the new head shower that we received this weekend. By the looks of things it will only be half installed, finished later when weather permits him to cut and varnish the trim.  At least I will have my shower partially back. Oh the joys of living on a boat. 

I have been crocheting hats and gloves for friends and myself. Im trying very hard to use up the excess yarn I have in the way. Recently, I bought a nice address book that I am begin filling. I never thought I would use one of them again, who figured. 

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