Friday, August 26, 2016

The Captain & Ginger

If you have been following our stories or Saga... we announced that our son and his wife are expecting their first child.  It was revealed last week that its a Boy... yeah we will have a Lil Swab... we have been named The Captain and Ginger... so Im naming him my Swab

Another thing that happen this month is our friends Matt and Tammy that we visited in Belize seem to have followed us to the Rio.  They traveled by land and launch and are now staying in a cabin on the river and loving it...

And we are enjoying them ..

Steve is completing some of the little details on the couch/sea birth.  We are enjoying making our home a little bit more detailed... 

aww he is also installing a water maker.. hahah that is right ... he is getting tired of hauling water jugs. Hahah but of course it isnt one of the fancy expensive ones... it is a survivor 35.. he likes thing simple.. 

We are all scheduled to head to Guatemala City on Sept 14th then back to Houston..  this change has got us cleaning out all of our lockers... we are purging all the things that we havent used this past two years.. always feels good to purge...  it is amazing how much stuff you think you will need..

I will sure miss my lil home on the water... but I know Schooner will love the yard and farm she will get to play in for a year at Grandma Boyd's..

All for now... be good to yourselves and others

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Living on the Rio Dulce

Well we are (well Steve is) busy going down the list of getting Saga Sea ready for her year of hibernation... she has her new beautiful caprail covers custom fitted and he is busy prepping the bowsprit for paint.

Schooner and I are busy staying out of the sun in the heat of the day and exploring when its cool... we took a short hike into the 500 acres Tijax has reserved...

We have also gone in the dinghy shopping for groceries and visiting friends...oh and getting a plastic bag in the prop... thank you Val and Llyod for saving me on that one...

We have also enjoyed movie night at Tortugals Marina with the cruisers that havent left...

We have enjoyed the monthly swapmeet as well at Mar marina.
. and looking forward to their cruisers' special this Tuesday night ... 

The Rio Dulce is a place where cruisers come during Hurricane season when they are on the West side of the Caribbean.  You will meet people from around the world here. Last night we had dinner with a couple from our old marina, Watergate... small world..
But Texas is a big country opp I mean State. Hahaha

Well enough for now.... we await our friends Tammy and Matt which should arrive in a week... then we will be busy showing them around and prehaps do some tours.. they will be staying in a land cabin for a month. I cant wait to hear what they think of the Rio

Monday, August 8, 2016

Saga Sea's New Home

So we heard about Tijax Marina and Resort last year but it was full and I left it alone and we kept Saga Sea in NanaJuana while we were Texas for a month. This year I did all I could to get in...

Tijax isnt fancy at all... its a small marina not far from Fronteras Town... it is a 500 acre Eco friendly resort... and they have Oscar... he is the best Harbormaster I have ever dealt with. He takes excellent care of the boats while the owner is away.  He washes, airs out and maintains the batteries... he is awesome.

We feel this will be Saga Sea's home anytime we are away...

So plans remain the same. We have tickets to fly to Houston on Sept 15th. Until then we will enjoy the Rio and get Saga Sea ready for the year

Ciao my friends

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Escape from Earl

Quick up date... we are safe and dry in the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.  We are use to Hurricanes since we lived on the Gulf Coast in Texas and we are not afraid to evacuate early... so we checked out and left on Monday from Placencia Belize..

We had a nice calm motor sail to Tres Punta, where we anchored for the night. In the morning we motored over the sandbar into Livingston.  We had a nice easy check in and was able to get to Texan Bay for the night before the rain came. It was a nice drizzly cool rain so it was very much welcomed. Washed all the salt and sweat off Saga Sea and Us.

We are now anchored in Fronteras... only experiencing drizzle.. and cool weather. Thank goodness. Wish it would stick around.

We plan to stay anchored until Sept... we will move into a marina and fly to Texas on the 15th.  We will be busy getting covers for the caprails made and getting Saga Sea ready for her year long rest. We still havent decided completely on where she will go but where ever she goes we will make sure she is looked after..

Here are a few pics of our trip up the river. Schoonee seem to enjoy the nice motor ride up.