Monday, February 22, 2016

Migration of the Cruisers

Migration of the cruisers. Providencia is a stopping place for cruisers coming from the Panama Canal that came from the Pacific side or cruisers that are coming up from Panama that have worked their way from the Eastern side of the Caribbean. 

These cruisers are on a much faster tract than us. We are here for the culture experience. We stay for the 90 days most countries allow us to visit. 

Many of them enjoy getting in groups and experience the place together. We have joined in for a few meals and Steve hiked to the highest point of the island with a group. They have gone snorkeling and enjoyed Valentines dinner together. The snorkeling pictures come from a fellow cruiser that takes great picw of sea life. 

Steve and I have been hanging out with the locals. One couple had family in from France. One of them had these great glasses that are to help from getting seasick. I have seen them online but I had to try them on. I need to find me a pair even if they dont work. Hahah

Yesterday, Steve reworked our sun cover. A fellow cruiser has a great design and we had to try it out. So far we love it. I finally get more shade on the side and Steve doesn't feel the need to pull it down in higher winds. 

So like I said it is migration time for many of the cruisers. We had around 11 boats in this gorgeous anchorage. This morning 6 of them headed off to the Caymans. We enjoyed our coffee outside watching them head off. We are now down to 5 and expecting one to leave for the Panama Canal in the morning. 

Cruisers come and go. Wonder who will come next while we are here. Wonder if we will know any of them. The cruising group seems so large at times, yet youcontinuously  run into someone you know or someone who knows someone you know. Small world

I have been visiting my little dog friend, Isla. Still having the vet treat her. Also arranging for her to get fixed. A local has volunteered to care for her after her surgery. 

So island life is good.  


  1. Replies
    1. Im the lucky one. She is a sweetie. She loves people

  2. I think the seasickness goggles are a good look for you :-) It's so wonderful that you're looking after Isla. It's a sign of a good person - someone who looks after animals in need.

    Cheers - Ellen

    1. Well sometimes they are easier to help. At least they seem to appreciate it

  3. Hi my friend,

    Yes, I see what you mean about that anchorage...what I see is absolutely beautiful! We're not supposed to go into Columbia at all according to our insurance. Unfortunately, this island is Columbian. Too pretty. Sounds like a busy time of year over there for boaters. It's not so much over here in Florida because of the crazy weather they've had. Glad to hear you're taking care of Isla. Nice name for her!