Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fleet of Catamarans

So fleet of six monohulls left and a fleet of four catamarans arrive. Providencia has been a busy little island. Mr. Bush has been very busy checking in and out boats. 

There seems to be something to do around here. Hiking, snorkeling, eating and even cook classes. 

We met this lovely couple that has a country store in town, Paul and Becky. Well they invited the cruisers over to their B&B, Breeze View Inn (Posada Breeze View) for another traditional island meal prepared by Becky's mother Mr. Ros. 

She then offered a cooking class. I am telling you these people are the sweetest.   So if you ever come to visit this gorgeous island check out the country store in town and ask about Ms. Ros cooking class. She will show you how it is done. 

Tonight a few of us are going to for som seafood and island stories at Catalina Island's Don Olivio restaurant. Tomorrow snorkeling at Crab Cay. 

Oh almost forgot. Poor Schooner was bitten by something that caused her face and front feet to blow up like a balloon.  After some Benadryl, some cortisone and a good night's rest she was back to normal. The vet thinks it was caused by a fire ant, they have some nasty ants. 

Oh and the little Island Dock Dog, Isla is healing up and is almost ready to have her surgery to be fixed. Hopefully someone will adopt her after that. 

And of course Schooner is a cute as can be. She really doesnt like letting one of us away from her. Here she is waiting for her daddy to come back from a water run 

The new boats that have arrived are

SV: Out of the Bag with Bill and Jean from Australia 

SV: Sea Rose with Brian and Sue from New Zealand

SV: Tactical Direction with Tony and his crewmate Elizabeth from Australia 

SV: C-Level with George and Becky from The States

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  1. Fire ants are the worst! Glad the Benadryl sorted things out. I like your roll call of the boats that have arrived. Tell the Kiwis how much we miss sailing in New Zealand :-)