Monday, August 8, 2016

Saga Sea's New Home

So we heard about Tijax Marina and Resort last year but it was full and I left it alone and we kept Saga Sea in NanaJuana while we were Texas for a month. This year I did all I could to get in...

Tijax isnt fancy at all... its a small marina not far from Fronteras Town... it is a 500 acre Eco friendly resort... and they have Oscar... he is the best Harbormaster I have ever dealt with. He takes excellent care of the boats while the owner is away.  He washes, airs out and maintains the batteries... he is awesome.

We feel this will be Saga Sea's home anytime we are away...

So plans remain the same. We have tickets to fly to Houston on Sept 15th. Until then we will enjoy the Rio and get Saga Sea ready for the year

Ciao my friends

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