Friday, August 26, 2016

The Captain & Ginger

If you have been following our stories or Saga... we announced that our son and his wife are expecting their first child.  It was revealed last week that its a Boy... yeah we will have a Lil Swab... we have been named The Captain and Ginger... so Im naming him my Swab

Another thing that happen this month is our friends Matt and Tammy that we visited in Belize seem to have followed us to the Rio.  They traveled by land and launch and are now staying in a cabin on the river and loving it...

And we are enjoying them ..

Steve is completing some of the little details on the couch/sea birth.  We are enjoying making our home a little bit more detailed... 

aww he is also installing a water maker.. hahah that is right ... he is getting tired of hauling water jugs. Hahah but of course it isnt one of the fancy expensive ones... it is a survivor 35.. he likes thing simple.. 

We are all scheduled to head to Guatemala City on Sept 14th then back to Houston..  this change has got us cleaning out all of our lockers... we are purging all the things that we havent used this past two years.. always feels good to purge...  it is amazing how much stuff you think you will need..

I will sure miss my lil home on the water... but I know Schooner will love the yard and farm she will get to play in for a year at Grandma Boyd's..

All for now... be good to yourselves and others

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