Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Still in Texas

Well we are still working on filling up the cruising account... well mostly Steve..he is steadily scolding me on spending his earnings. Lol. What can I say... I am what I am... hehehe He tells me January is the stop spending date..

Steve has been able to work from his mom's but that all ends in January also.. he will have to go into the office.. so he will be suffering and that means I better be good..

Christmas is in a few days.. our plans are to spend it with my family.. I have one brother and SIL living up by my daughter in the Denton area and another brother in Kentucky.. he is flies to meet us... first time we have been in the same room since our mother passed away..  we also plan on stopping off at my cousin's on our way back...this means Schooner will get to see her birth mother...

So that is about it... ill share with you the pics Ive been taking of our time here on land...

Dog Park and visiting friends.. oh and a visit with my oldest brother and daughter

We hope you all have a great holiday

Monday, October 17, 2016

Life in Texas

Well our life has changed drastically from life on Saga Sea.. We found a new dinghy... car.. and Steve is working away.  I am crocheting for the new grandchild that is expected in February.  I have also been pet sitting for friends.

Steve is able to work from home for now which is Awesome!  This allows him to travel with me to friends' homes to pet sit for them..  We were wondering how we were going to handle being away from each other, so for now we dont.

We are also enjoying being on a farm... Steve's mother lives in a house on her Son In law and youngest  Daughter's property.  It is farm land her Son In Law's family has had for many decades..  the town has literally grown up around them. It is nice to have the farm animals around us as we enjoy the outside atmosphere from lovely porches..  we get to watch little new born cows grow and hear lambs and goats call out ...

These are the things we are enjoying. We wont discuss the things we arent enjoying..such as politics, insurance, and consumerist adds everywhere... aww and the news.. breading fear in the world. Its really sad..

America is the land of plenty.. which is really nice and convenient... but it all comes at a very high coast and it isnt just financial..  im so glad I have had the opportunity to leave and to return with a different perspective on things. It helps me appreciate America but I use morn the loss of my nieveness. It seems with age comes fear...  It will become very interesting what we will think in a year..

Monday, September 19, 2016

Its our New Year

October seems to be our January... we left the states in October of 2014 and we have returned a few weeks before in 2016 but it is only temporary. 

We left our beloved Saga Sea in the Rio Dulce Guatemala.. she gets to rest.. she is being well taken care of by Oscar at Tijax Marina..

We had a great trip back to Texas.. we left Tijax on Wednesday morning for a 5 hour drive to Guatemala City where we stayed in an Airbnb home again... Mi Casa Too Casa.. this will probably be our place to stay each time we are flying out of GC..

So we left Thursday morning and flew to Costa Rica on Avianca Airline and had no problem with Schooner .. and she was perfect..

Our layover was quick and easy and then off to Texas on United.. once again no problems with Schooner... she held her potty until we were all the way through all the check in stuff... and we remembered to get them to stamp our passports...

And Customs was very impressed by Schooner's behavior..
They never seen a more alert and behaved "service" dog. Lol. That is interesting

So we got to Mother Boyd's home and but she is in Michigan... this allowed us to get settled in and organized... we got phones activated and work clothes for Steve..  

He left this morning for his first day... he is at Exxon in the Woodlands.  Hahah. All the safety rules really put him back quickly... they actually have a rule to hold onto the railing when on the stairways. Hahaha.

While Steve is working I will help Mother Boyd with the house and gardening.  As well as changing up my nutrition... if you havent known me for long then you dont know how I really am a health continuous person..  but I have been in a very long funk...

Back in 2009 my life changed completely... I was laid off, cared for my dying father, who was only 61., a year later he died, I went back to school and changes direction in life, then my mother dropped dead at 64.  She was my best friend.. kids grew up and we left to fullfill long time life goal.. 

I really thought things would work themselves out inside me.. but it just hasnt happen.. so this year is a reset year.. im working on balance.. balancing life while enjoying it..

So even though our sailing has been put on hold for a little bit our life havent. So I will continue this blog.. it is for us more than anything.  It is our virtual photo album.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week Away Count Down

Well what do you do when you are a week away from leaving your home for a year?.... Our list is pretty much complete.. only final day stuff..

Schooner's Health Certificate comes tomorrow, Steve has put the dinghy away  as well as the generator...  we have a pile growing of clothes and items to pack..

We have scheduled our driver who is to take us up to Guatemala City to the B&B that we have booked for the night before our flight..  it is a bit more of an effort to make travel plans when you have a dog... but efforts we dont mind to keep her with us..

Steve is still working at securing work and I am gearing up to get back to working on my health.. its been a bit difficult staying healthy while living in a boat..especially if you have always had self modiavation issues throughout your life.  This type of lifestyle can be tough on a body and I have had constant health issues all of my life. 

Im going to be making some real changes when we are on this.. whatever it is called... its a life change and a good time to refocus and make some healthy changes.  

You can follow me and my changes on my Facebook page

Counting down to big changes...