Monday, October 17, 2016

Life in Texas

Well our life has changed drastically from life on Saga Sea.. We found a new dinghy... car.. and Steve is working away.  I am crocheting for the new grandchild that is expected in February.  I have also been pet sitting for friends.

Steve is able to work from home for now which is Awesome!  This allows him to travel with me to friends' homes to pet sit for them..  We were wondering how we were going to handle being away from each other, so for now we dont.

We are also enjoying being on a farm... Steve's mother lives in a house on her Son In law and youngest  Daughter's property.  It is farm land her Son In Law's family has had for many decades..  the town has literally grown up around them. It is nice to have the farm animals around us as we enjoy the outside atmosphere from lovely porches..  we get to watch little new born cows grow and hear lambs and goats call out ...

These are the things we are enjoying. We wont discuss the things we arent enjoying..such as politics, insurance, and consumerist adds everywhere... aww and the news.. breading fear in the world. Its really sad..

America is the land of plenty.. which is really nice and convenient... but it all comes at a very high coast and it isnt just financial..  im so glad I have had the opportunity to leave and to return with a different perspective on things. It helps me appreciate America but I use morn the loss of my nieveness. It seems with age comes fear...  It will become very interesting what we will think in a year..

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