Thursday, September 8, 2016

Week Away Count Down

Well what do you do when you are a week away from leaving your home for a year?.... Our list is pretty much complete.. only final day stuff..

Schooner's Health Certificate comes tomorrow, Steve has put the dinghy away  as well as the generator...  we have a pile growing of clothes and items to pack..

We have scheduled our driver who is to take us up to Guatemala City to the B&B that we have booked for the night before our flight..  it is a bit more of an effort to make travel plans when you have a dog... but efforts we dont mind to keep her with us..

Steve is still working at securing work and I am gearing up to get back to working on my health.. its been a bit difficult staying healthy while living in a boat..especially if you have always had self modiavation issues throughout your life.  This type of lifestyle can be tough on a body and I have had constant health issues all of my life. 

Im going to be making some real changes when we are on this.. whatever it is called... its a life change and a good time to refocus and make some healthy changes.  

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Counting down to big changes...


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  1. So stoked for you to be back in Texas!! Can't wait to read about your health journey & your new grandbaby! Looking forward to hugging you & terrorizing Schooner around Christmastime ;P