Saturday, November 3, 2018

Little sight seeing while in the Rio Dulce

We had decided that this season we would make time to explore more of Guatemala, especially around the Rio Dulce.  Steve gets a little relaxed.  I reminded him that it was almost time to leave the Rio.  Our 90 days in the country was almost up.  So he finished up a few little projects. One was varnishing the blocks.  They look really nice varnished.

Then we moved down river to visit Flaca one more time before going.

I ran a few errands and worked some

Steve cleaned up. Hahah

We had some ice cream

Ice cream shop and their turtles

We anchorged near Castle of San Felipe and finally took the time to learn more about it.

SV Saga Sea anchored in the distance

It ended up being a rainy day but that made it a little better, cooler and less people.

Saga Sea

So if you ever come to visit.. we will show you the history of Guatemala.. its pretty surprising..

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