Sunday, October 21, 2018

Schooner is a Zipliner

We decided to join new friends on a zipline trip.  I wanted to see if they would allow Schooner to join us, and they did.

We headed off on a launch down the river to a resort.

They outfitted us up for the lines

And we were ready

Looks fun, right!?

The cows thought we were crazy

We zipped several lines through pastures into the jungle

Schooner did great!

Afterwards we could kayak to a bar about 5 miles away

I choose to ride in the launch

Because this is how I handled the heat between lines.  We went on the hottest day of the week.  I really should have taken my umbrella.  That would have been a sight, the fat lady with her dog and umbrella.

Afterwards, we had lunch and sang some songs

A few even went for a swim. We had a great day and so glad we decided to go.

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