Friday, August 3, 2018

Need to stay flexible because life can Suck sometimes

Life is filled with ups and downs even when it looks like your "living the dream".  Don't be fooled, everything doesn't always go as planned for us.  We have succeeded in many plans, but it never goes exactly as planned.

That being said, we have cancelled our trip to England.  The reasons are personal, and we are sure some will find us a bit nutty but what is new.  We cancelled our trip because England would not allow Schooner to ride in the airplane cabin.  We usually fly United, and all were approved with them but they passed the buck to England and England would not allow her to ride in the cabin because we were travelling with a health certificate from Guatemala. We had all the necessary paperwork that they state on their website, but in the end, they decided to decline her for passage in the cabin.  

We are glad we got this settled months before the trip.  Now we plan for something new...  Antiqua, Guatemala for a few weeks.

Let's see we left off in Roatan.  We had a short visit to the Bay Islands.  We made our rounds very quickly. We travelled up to Calebash then French Harbor.  We visited with a few old friends and met a few new ones.  

We are still having issues with our alternator.  It is looking to be more of a control panel issue.  Steve is continuing to troubleshoot it. 

I've been working some here and there.  Also been helping others with their computer needs.

We met a lovely local man in Roatan that is a construction builder. He was gracious enough to offer a ride back to our boat one day.  You can see some of his beautiful work at Campbell Construction Roatan on Facebook. We genuinely enjoy the people of the Bay Islands. 

Steve working on navigation

There is always something to fix on a boat... 

Steve coming out of his garage.

Our beautiful stain-glassed butterfly hatch

Steve on a short passage from West End to Calebash

In Calebash we visited with friends that were housesitting for some expats.  The thing about moving to countries such as Honduras, you are in Paradise, but you can't leave very quickly.  It is much harder to find someone reliable to watch pets, and your property is at risk.  Some of us cruisers are finding it a nice break to help people with housesitting.  We plan to housesit in Guatemala soon.

Out visiting old friends

Islanders helping Islanders....

Oakridge, Roatan 

Jonesville, Roatan

Jonesville Trico Marina's Pool

Visiting a friend and meeting new ones at Trico Tuesday in Jonesville 

Island boys at play in Calebash

Touring one of the first families' homes on Roatan

Saga Sea at Anchor in French Cay Harbor

Saga Sea at sail from Calebash to French Cay Harbor

Out roughing it with friends

great pictures by Lynn Kincaid

So this is our last night in Roatan with some new friends.. trying out a pizza joint owned by EXcrusiers from Texas

Ok, these pictures are from Little French Key #LFKRoatan

We went there to say hello to a friend.. it is a small tourist place near our anchorage. We were splurging when we went there. Later we were disgusted to find that they are destroying the reef with their construction. It has really opened our eyes to places like this.  yes, they are beautiful but at what cost? 

Ok folks.... enough for now.. our next stop is Utila.. the last Bay Island for us to see.. more later..

Remember to be good to yourself and to OTHERS!

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