Saturday, July 30, 2016

Returning to the Rio Dulce

Well varnish work on caprails and bullwork is done and its time to head up the sweet river... We have enjoyed Placencia and will most likely return in a year...

So we are planning our travels now... this is our last Saturday here.. we will let everyone know of our safe arrival when we are reconnected to the WWW... but no worries it is only a day trip to Livingston to check into Guatemala then up to Texan Bay for the night..  we failed to stop there last time and was told we should really meet that Texan. 

So until next time my friends... be good to others and to Yourselves

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Back in Belize

Well in Placencia Belize, which is a new location for us... we have been to the north side of Belize in San Pedro and Caye Chaulker but havent experienced the south side. 

Most Western Caribbean Cruisers really enjoy Belize. They enjoy the short day trips to all the other islands. They enjoy the food... because their are so many nationalities here now... you can find even Chinese food.  We have missed that...

So Placencia is a small expat and vacation community, it is stocked with gringo food.  You can walk to most places... all luxuries. And they have fabulous ice cream..

Also, fellow Texan friends of ours have moved down here for a bit... so nice to see old friends..

We plan to stay a few weeks here...enjoy visiting and Steve is onto another project, varnishing. Yep you read that correctly.. he fought a good fight but he has lost and is taking it very well. He is now dreaming of how good Saga Sea will look.. 

 Lots of big changes are coming up in the near future... some are permanent and some are only temporary.

First the permanent one... our son and his wife are expecting their first child...this comes as good news because like many couples it has been a tough road... but I can report all is going well and we expect the new addition ( Im predicting a girl) in February...  

Steve has decided that long distance deliveries is not for him so we needed to make a decision to either take Saga Sea to the East Coast of the States and find jobs... or leave her in the Rio Dulce and return to Texas for a year...  

We chose to leave her .... because it will keep us uncomfortable and dreaming of being back in our home... if we took her it would only prolong our time in the States... 

The facts are.... we need to add money to the kitty and we want to welcome our grandchild...  so there it is... 

We are not done traveling but I would like to add some flights to Europe and Canada into the mix.  Remember, Im not the sailor... it really isnt fun for me.... I do LOVE living on the boat and at anchor but not the sailing part... so its time for some traveling Tracie's way... which requires more $, darnit ...

So in a few weeks we will take SS back up the Rio Dulce in Guatemala and leave her surrounded by good friends that will take good care of her..  we plan to bring all kinds of new things back to her... like rigging and new "ropes"  ahah. That term really bothers sailors. 

We plan to fly back to the states in September.  Steve is currently looking for work in the GIS field in Houston... so keep your ears open for us... 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Last days in Roatan

So you know Steve made it back to me safely after being away two months assisting a deliver of a new charter boat to Tahiti... all is good and Im very glad to have him back...

Before he arrived back, Schooner and I were a tad bit adventurous. We tagged a long with our neighbors to Port Royal, hunting for this super plant that Hildy, my neighbor, felt is helping her recover from having shingles..

It was an interesting boat ride and hunt in the jungle... we also had  lunch..

Took a bus ride with fellow cruisers down to West end for a arts and crafts show and rummage sale..

Lets see what else... Oh, Schooner and I hung out with some cows and she found out that she needs some work on her herding skills. These Honduran cows were Not listening to her at all.

Of course I am constantly busy with some artsy things.  Ive been working on a throw blanket for a while. I always need a break from my main project so this time I made a few lacey coaster and cup covers to keep out flying insects.

When he got back and we left the marina and was glad to get back on the hook.  We stuck around French Harbor for a few days then headed down to West End... my favorite area in Roatan. I love people watching and window shopping..

Next stop is Placencia Belize ...

Friday, July 8, 2016

Steve is Back

Well Steve made it back on the 30th of June.  He had several flights and long layovers but was glad to be back.  He is glad he had the opportunity to crew with such a great Skipper. 

He was able to go through the Panama Canal, cross the equator, see one of the Galapagos Islands and visit Tahiti...oh and sail a 48ft Catamaran...  he also caught his first fish at sea.. learned several techniques of cleaning and cooking them.   He learned what it was like to be at sea for two months.. he did enjoy himself but he decided being a skipper on long passages was not for him if he had to be away from his wife and baby Schooner.

Im glad he got this rare experience and was able to make an informed decision about our future instead of always wondering and dreaming of that life..  he is content with cruising the Caribbean and Eastern side of the US with me.  I have requested to take some trips to Europe and Canada to meet up with some of these great travelers we have met these past few years..

For Now we will head to Placencia Belize and spend a few weeks to a month.  We haven't been there yet... we have some decisions to make about what is next for us..
Prehaps it is time to work and fill the kitty up some... Flights to Europe aren't cheap...

Attached are a few pics Steve took in Tahiti... sorry there are not more... he said it was raining.