Friday, July 8, 2016

Steve is Back

Well Steve made it back on the 30th of June.  He had several flights and long layovers but was glad to be back.  He is glad he had the opportunity to crew with such a great Skipper. 

He was able to go through the Panama Canal, cross the equator, see one of the Galapagos Islands and visit Tahiti...oh and sail a 48ft Catamaran...  he also caught his first fish at sea.. learned several techniques of cleaning and cooking them.   He learned what it was like to be at sea for two months.. he did enjoy himself but he decided being a skipper on long passages was not for him if he had to be away from his wife and baby Schooner.

Im glad he got this rare experience and was able to make an informed decision about our future instead of always wondering and dreaming of that life..  he is content with cruising the Caribbean and Eastern side of the US with me.  I have requested to take some trips to Europe and Canada to meet up with some of these great travelers we have met these past few years..

For Now we will head to Placencia Belize and spend a few weeks to a month.  We haven't been there yet... we have some decisions to make about what is next for us..
Prehaps it is time to work and fill the kitty up some... Flights to Europe aren't cheap...

Attached are a few pics Steve took in Tahiti... sorry there are not more... he said it was raining.

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