Friday, July 15, 2016

Last days in Roatan

So you know Steve made it back to me safely after being away two months assisting a deliver of a new charter boat to Tahiti... all is good and Im very glad to have him back...

Before he arrived back, Schooner and I were a tad bit adventurous. We tagged a long with our neighbors to Port Royal, hunting for this super plant that Hildy, my neighbor, felt is helping her recover from having shingles..

It was an interesting boat ride and hunt in the jungle... we also had  lunch..

Took a bus ride with fellow cruisers down to West end for a arts and crafts show and rummage sale..

Lets see what else... Oh, Schooner and I hung out with some cows and she found out that she needs some work on her herding skills. These Honduran cows were Not listening to her at all.

Of course I am constantly busy with some artsy things.  Ive been working on a throw blanket for a while. I always need a break from my main project so this time I made a few lacey coaster and cup covers to keep out flying insects.

When he got back and we left the marina and was glad to get back on the hook.  We stuck around French Harbor for a few days then headed down to West End... my favorite area in Roatan. I love people watching and window shopping..

Next stop is Placencia Belize ...

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