Friday, March 25, 2016

OMG! They have a Subway

Wow okay, we have been busy lately or I haven't posted in a while. Let's see first of all I have a new phone, a Galaxy J5. I have given up my iphone. So this will be my first post using it. Not sure where the add picture button is yet.

So far I have not had too much trouble operating the new phone. I have all my apps and contact loaded so I'm happy.

So we are here in San Andrès Colombia which is the sister island to Providencia. San Andrès is much more a major city than any of the other places we have been. It has blue water, pirate history and shopping. Very much a tourist place for the Colombians.

We have been hanging out with two other cruising boats, SV Adventure, which we met a year ago in Guanaja and SV Iolair, which we met in Providencia. We have gotten to know Jane and Jim so well that they have become Schooner's aunt and uncle. We even left her with them while we did our weekly shopping. I stressed and she played.

Shane and Anne on SV Iolair are one of those couples you automatically click with. Shane owns and operates a boat delivery company. Steve really got along well with him, so well he has accepted Shane's generous offer to train him to skipper for deliveries. He will join Shane on a delivery in a few month from Panama to Tahiti. This is a huge step for Steve and I suppose myself. This could change our lives and we could possibly be out here forever.

Enough on that, lets see what else have we been up to lately. So I bought a new phone and Steve bought a new speaker for the boat, a JBL waterproof speaker. If we get another one he will have surround sound and I wont be able to think.

Our big adventure this week was a tour around the island on a three bench seat OLD golf cart. It went as slow as an old riding lawnmower and I was the driver. It had forward, neutral and reverse, no rearview mirror and little to no breaks. It went so slow a dog caught up to us and past us while we were going up a hill.

The slow cart was the highlight of the tour. Not a whole lot to see on the island. We paid to see a few baby gators in a pond that my Texan father would of called a tank.   We paid to see pirate Morgan's cave. We joined a crowd to see a small blow hole.  We did have tradition lunch at a roadside Raggae shake by the water. The owner of Between the Lions entertained the guys with lots of island history. Then we checked out their Botanical Garden.

Now the island will shut down for the Easter Holiday. Both our couple friends plan to head south Monday or Tuesday. We will have to find something to entertain ourselves with when they leave.

Our plans are to hang tight here, Steve eating as many foot long Subway sandwiches he can manage and wait for a weather window that will allow us to head back to the Bay Islands comfortably.  There we will check into a marina where Schooner and I can wait for Steve to return from his delivery trip. Then who knows after that...

Until next time my friends.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

San Andres Colombia

Well we left Providencia Colombia for San Andres on Sunday night and arrived Monday morning. We will stay here for the remaining of our 90 stay in Colombia. 

San Andres is a bit larger island and way more advanced and populated than Providencia. We will have a touch of the city life for a few weeks. 

When we left Providencia, a huge amount of boats traveling from country to country for a Rally had arrived. We had a nudist next to us. That was a bit much watching him pee off the back and do his morning yoga. 

I have taken apart an old hammock that I never felt comfortable in and Im repurposing it as a dog bed for Schooner. She is already trying it out and Im not finished with it 

Schooner has adobted a couple as her aunt and uncle that she enjoys visiting. They have a lovely catamaran with a nice ledge for her to lay and watch us. She is pleased they are here in San Andres as well. 

So Sunday morning we said good bye to Mr. Bush and he tried to convince me to leave Schooner but I was only willing to leave Steve, lol

Our view is now of blue water and tall buildings 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Island living

Island life is slow. One day runs into the next. There really isnt a weekend or week days. Lately we have been keeping tract of the days by who is in port. The four Catamarans left and now we have a new group. We have met two of the five new boats in port. They are coming and going so fast I cant keep up. 

Steve celebrated Texas Independence Day on March 2nd. 

I enjoyed my new hammock and took apart the old one. Im crocheting a bucket bag with the string

Schooner sits around chewing on her rawhides and waits for shore time

And we all go snorkeling with neighbors on lovely clear water days 

So we can't complain here in Providencia 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fleet of Catamarans

So fleet of six monohulls left and a fleet of four catamarans arrive. Providencia has been a busy little island. Mr. Bush has been very busy checking in and out boats. 

There seems to be something to do around here. Hiking, snorkeling, eating and even cook classes. 

We met this lovely couple that has a country store in town, Paul and Becky. Well they invited the cruisers over to their B&B, Breeze View Inn (Posada Breeze View) for another traditional island meal prepared by Becky's mother Mr. Ros. 

She then offered a cooking class. I am telling you these people are the sweetest.   So if you ever come to visit this gorgeous island check out the country store in town and ask about Ms. Ros cooking class. She will show you how it is done. 

Tonight a few of us are going to for som seafood and island stories at Catalina Island's Don Olivio restaurant. Tomorrow snorkeling at Crab Cay. 

Oh almost forgot. Poor Schooner was bitten by something that caused her face and front feet to blow up like a balloon.  After some Benadryl, some cortisone and a good night's rest she was back to normal. The vet thinks it was caused by a fire ant, they have some nasty ants. 

Oh and the little Island Dock Dog, Isla is healing up and is almost ready to have her surgery to be fixed. Hopefully someone will adopt her after that. 

And of course Schooner is a cute as can be. She really doesnt like letting one of us away from her. Here she is waiting for her daddy to come back from a water run 

The new boats that have arrived are

SV: Out of the Bag with Bill and Jean from Australia 

SV: Sea Rose with Brian and Sue from New Zealand

SV: Tactical Direction with Tony and his crewmate Elizabeth from Australia 

SV: C-Level with George and Becky from The States