Tuesday, March 15, 2016

San Andres Colombia

Well we left Providencia Colombia for San Andres on Sunday night and arrived Monday morning. We will stay here for the remaining of our 90 stay in Colombia. 

San Andres is a bit larger island and way more advanced and populated than Providencia. We will have a touch of the city life for a few weeks. 

When we left Providencia, a huge amount of boats traveling from country to country for a Rally had arrived. We had a nudist next to us. That was a bit much watching him pee off the back and do his morning yoga. 

I have taken apart an old hammock that I never felt comfortable in and Im repurposing it as a dog bed for Schooner. She is already trying it out and Im not finished with it 

Schooner has adobted a couple as her aunt and uncle that she enjoys visiting. They have a lovely catamaran with a nice ledge for her to lay and watch us. She is pleased they are here in San Andres as well. 

So Sunday morning we said good bye to Mr. Bush and he tried to convince me to leave Schooner but I was only willing to leave Steve, lol

Our view is now of blue water and tall buildings 

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