Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fronteras, Guatemala the Rio Dulce River

Well we had a nice trip up the Rio Dulce river yesterday. It made me think of my father.  We watched Tarzan movies over amd over throughout my life and they were known to be filmed here. Im sure he was thinking that was cool that I was there. 

We know people that have sailed up the river but the wind direction wasnt in our favor for that, especially with the current.

We passed many boats full of tourist. Kind of interesting to think people fly to come see this river. I had never heard of it until I got interested into cruising. 

The river turns back amd forth. You see locals in their dugout boats fishing with either lines or nets. I sure wanted a picture of someone casting a net but I never got close enough to capture a picture. 

The shore was scattered with everything from shacks to nice resort looking homes. 

Limestone walls with grafitti etched from even way back to the pirate days. 

We havent checked into the marina yet but this is where we will keep the boat for the next three months. We plan to haul her out for a quick bottom job. 

She will be safe here when we are back in Texas for our visit. We would also like to do some land traveling. We hear the mountains of Guatemala are a great cool place to stay. It just depends on how full the cruising kitty is after our trip to the states. 

There is a huge community of cruisers here as well as expats that just fell in love with the place so we should stay very entertained. The Rio Dulce even has a facebook page where they share information on what the latest in the news to announcements of the trivia and movie nights. Sounds kind of like a cruiser' retirement home. Hahah. Might have to keep this place in mind for when we are done with cruising the Caribbean. 

Lunch time for the tourists. Lol 

We anchored by the blue cat. They are a lovely couple we met in Roatan. 

Well until next time, stay classy my friends 



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