Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Busy in Rio Dulce

Wow we havent been here a week and we have done a ton of crap so this is just a short break down just so I can get photos off the ipad. 

We arrived in the Rio on Sunday I believe, no Saturday. We met up with a few people we briefly met in other locations. They gave us a few pointers for the area and invited us to the Sunday BBQ at the Marina we have reservation.  That went well, met some new couples. Then Monday, we met the boat yard were we thought we would have the bottom paint job done. They seem reasonable and they could haul us out the next day, score!  Then we met with the Marina and got the ins and outs of that place. So haul out at Ram Marine for bottom job then move the boat over to Nanajuana to keep secure until we return from Texas. 

We finished up Monday with a few loads of laundry. It was nice using the washer but it kills to pay $3.50 a load to only wash, drying is another 3.50. Uggg Dont they know Im boat trash. Then I crashes, That was way too much work for this Diva. 

This morning we drank our coffee then headed for haul out. I took a ton of pictures. They were pretty amazing. First they had to turn the boat around using only the lines. 

Then they had a diver go under the boat to make sure the straps were in the correct position. They had great equipment, the yard was spotless and everyone was very professional. 

Now that the boat is out of the water we will have the bottom pressure washed then sanded down to the glass. Fix the small blisters we have found then spray primer on then spray the paint we brought from Mexico, Trans Ocean, I believe. This process should take around a week. We will stay on the boat while it is on land. This means we climb a ladder to get up and down. This also means less breeze, so we will be at the pool a lot. 

After the haul out and lunch we went looking for rum and beer, cheap rum and beer. We found it on the main road. I will have to post a picture if it one day for you. It is exactly what you think Guatemala looks like, narrow street packed with tons of shops and produce stand. People and vehicles everywhere. 

Then we headed to the pool which was lovely. I did have a small issue with the chairs but I soon figured it out. Luckily Steve couldnt get to the camera while I was in the learning process. Hahah

After an hour or so at the pool we joined other Marina residents at a Tex-Mex dinner that was cooked by a fellow resident. He is from Texas and it was delicious. We appreciate being invited even when we are not officially there yet. Everyone has been so nice. We can see why people stay for so long. 

Then our chefs

Sorry for the font change. No idea why its underling and now red 

Until next time.... Stay classy my friends



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