Friday, August 7, 2015

Work work work in the Rio Dulce

Lets see what has happen in the last two days?  We spent the first day in the boat. When I needed off the boat I had to climb down this ladder. I am for sure having to keep my big girl panties on for now and not just to protect the innocent. 

My own words have been thrown back at me, "butch up Sally, put your big girl panties on" so I have :-)

Steve seems to have picked up a bug from all these people we have been around lately. We were hoping it was just allergies but we are wrong.

We decided to have all the layers of old paint sandblasted down to the glass. With this the yard has offered us a little house that is on the property while the blasting is being done. GREAT!  Steve' cold really kicked in so being in the AC might help some. Or not

So yesterday we spent all day and night laying in bed watching the Tudors series.  Today we are watching them sandblast the boat from the dining room window. Cant beat that.... We should be back in the boat by evening Im guessing. 

Maybe tomorrow I will join a new friend for some shopping, for groceries of course, cant get crazy see this work order. Hahah

Until next time, stay classy my friends 

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