Friday, July 31, 2015

Guatemala we are here!

Well we left Guanaja on Tuesday. Stayed in West End, Roatan a night then headed to Tres  Puntas. It was a 29 hour sail with the wind behind us. Lots of rolling and I hate rolling. We arrived in Tres Puntas around noon, set anchor for the night. It was a bit bouncy but Steve was able to catch up on his sleep since I was useless for the last part of the trip. 

We woke around three this morning, made coffee and headed out for Livingston, Guatemala. We needed to reach the low spot at high tide this morning. Made it with no problems. While anchoring I called a fellow named, Raul, over the VHF radio. He is known to be a good agent for checking into the country. We knew we did not need him but we like to give what we can to the locals. Jobs are scares and if we can help some then we will. 

Raul had the officials come out to our boat. They sat in the cockpit and wrote down our information. We then had a water taxi come to take us ashore so we dont have to unload the dinghy and outboard. We went and met with Raul' nephew and he took care of the paperwork and copies while we went and had lunch. 

While having lunch we met an interesting fellow named Polo. He had played in a band and was educated in the states. He talked with us for a while and of course sold Steve a CD, then he was done with us. We picked up some produced. 

Found these crazy things. Not sure of the smae but you pop them open and they taste like a grape but with a larger seed

We will stay the night here then head up the river where the marinas are located in Fronteras. Not sure when we will check into ours but its available for sure on the 10th of August. No worries we hear there are plenty of places to anchor. 

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  1. That's a rambutan. Delicious. Bit like a lychee but different taste. Quite common in Asia, yum!