Saturday, July 25, 2015

Thoughts on our upcoming trip back to Texas

Well we have just a tad bit over a month before we fly to Texas for a month visit. We are very eager to meet our little baby Schooner. Getting her and seeing our family is our first priority. Next, is to get Schooner's paperwork squared away and the supplies that we would like to take back with us. Then, see as many of our friends as possible. There are many we consider family and have missed them greatly. 

We are not looking forward to the life change. We are very comfortable in the life we have made aboard Saga Sea. Thinking of what the month of September will be like makes me anxious. We havent drove in almost a year. That is a bit scary. Steve said he might not be so eager to let others drive us after riding with our kids.  Thank goodness we will have to experience Guatemala City before entering the States.  We need something to prepare us for the masses again. 

Television again, UGGG commercials and News, Yuck!

Here in Guanaja there arent many vehicles, none around us. All transportation is by water. It is an amazing way of life. Wonder how much longer it will remain this way? 

Next week we plan to leave this Green Island, weather permitting. Heading for the famous Rio Dulce river in Guatemala 

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