Friday, July 10, 2015

Traveling with a Dog

We are very please to say we havent had any trouble, BUT, we had a great dog!  

Fairlane was a great traveler. She has been on numerous long road trips from one side of the states to the other. She has flown in airplane, road farriers, bikes, motorcycles, motor boats and of course lived on a sailboat. 

When she first came to us we were in a one bedroom apartment with a balcony. I bought a potty pad and used it on the patio. She was a very particular girl by not wanting to potty if other dogs had before her and she seem to hate messes. She would sulk if she got anything on her. So moving her to the boat wasnt a problem at all. We put her potty grass up on deck and she used it rain or shine. We would clean it off by dipping it into the sea. 

But we lost her and we have plans to go get Schooner, a teacup Aussie. She will need to be trained but they are smart dogs so hopefully we wont have any problems. 

We have been very lucky with this, no problems. We left with all her shots and medicines renewed and a copy of her medical records. We used an agent in Isla Mujeres, Mexico where a representive of their vet came and checked over her records and issued us a health certificate all in spanish. Easy breezy!

We have heard rumors of others withholding that they have a dog on board. We have never been boarded for that sort of inspections so it is possible. 

When flying Schooner back to Guatemala we will need a certified health certificate. This is required by the country when bringing a dog into the country by air. 

I hope this helps everyone. It does take some work but we love having a dog on board. We love taking them for walks and adventures. It more or less entertainment for us I suppose. 

Good Luck Pet Lovers!

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