Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sailing Roatan

We set sail yesterday for French Harbor. Had one of our best sails. Its nice to have a destination that isnt days away. We have met a few couples that sail the bay islands during the winter. They keep their boats in Guatemala during the summer month and return to their homes on land. I kind of like that idea. We have also met a couple that provides charter sailing and diving trips. They know all the ends and outs of the Bay Islands. Zeppelin Dive & Sail. They have a facebook page, Its a great adventure. 

So as I said, we had a great sail back to French Harbor. With all the traveling we have done to new places its nice be go back to something familiar. We plan to head a bit more east to Jonesville today once these morning showers are done. 

We went there in our dinghy when we were having the work done. Its a lovely protected area, nice and quiet.  We will enjoy a beer at Jonesville Point Marina.
 and visit with new friends John and Debbie with Blue Rock Vacations,

Didnt take too many pics yesterday 

Saga Sea all read

Things stowed away

Im ready

But this is when I realized I forgot something Big!   My HAT! This is why Gingers should NOT be out in day light. Haha

Before retiring to my nice comfy bed I remember I needed to clean up a mess in the closet I made. I spilled my trays of sprouts. UGGGG what a mess 

So that was yesterday. Today we are waiting for the morning showers to end before heading out. Guess Ill have another cup of coffee

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