Friday, May 29, 2015

West Bay, Roatan. Best Beach so far

Love it! I have to share photos from today' dinghy ride to West Bay. Gorgeous Beach!  

Some of these are from last night on the boat and some from West End Beach. The rest are West Bay. All for you Tassie

I have to say that Bay Island Locals are the best. If you take a little time they will do anything for you. I love them all. We met a chocolate factory owner couple. Cant wait to try their chocolates. They have the sweetest dogs. Loved watching them swim at the beach. Cant wait to take Schooner here later this year. 

Smooches for now
The Southern Gypsy

Thursday, May 28, 2015

West End Roatan

We took off from French Harbor yesterday and arrived in lovely West End. Gorgeous! 

Water is clear and blue. Not too many other cruisers here at the moment. We did meet a female solo curiser that has been cruising the Caribbean in her 37 Tayana, when we arrived. She came over and offered help in connecting to a mooring ball that is provided to protect the turtle grass. Steve passed of course. Haha

It was awesome to meet a female single sailor. We meet male sailors all the time but not female. Another amazing thing is she is in her 70s. She likes it when I say she is older than dirt. She is an inspiration!

Today we ventured out to find the store and water. We found the store and the veggie stand that had outstanding produce. 

This is an interesting idea

We loved this guy at the produce stand 

Never found water but we did produce

I decided to put out a hummingbird feeder. We will be here at least a month, maybe one will come by

Steve keeping busy. Making a cover for the machete. 

He is set now

Monday, May 25, 2015

Aww Roatan

Well we are still in French Harbor Roatan. Looking forward to heading to the West End on Wednesday when these trade winds die down a lil bit. Steve has kept busy with cleaning the teak and bottom of Saga Sea. I have been enjoying the boat and being back on her. Actually I have be obessed with the upcoming baby. We have named her Schooner. She is a toy Aussie. I have in gulfed myself in information regarding the breed. She looks like she will be a perfect match for us. Cant wait to meet her. 

We have bought the tickets to fly to Houston the first of September. We plan to stay a month. We will pick up Schooner and settle some banking issues. As well as spend as much time with family and friends. Im hoping my kids can join us with picking up Schooner. 

The bad thing about being back on the boat and in this location is we are just a short dinghy ride and walk from the major store on the island. We will now miss out on our daily exercise. Im hoping to add in swimming when these winds die down. 

Here is a picture of roosters that we pass when walking to the store. They must be used for cock fighting. 

Here is a good shot of Saga Sea anchored in French Harbor

Oh and here are some pics of us enjoying the cockpit. What we look like daily. 

Steve trying yet another local beer. Lol

Here is a shot from the other day. We stopped at Roatan Yacht Club for a burger before heading to the grocery 

Now we will keep ourselves busy with maintenance on the boat and daily living chores. We are list makers so we will write a list of things to complete when back in the states and a list of things to bring back. We have started that list and surprisingly there isnt too much on it. I think times have changed when it comes to things being available globally. Its a good thing mostly, I think....

Until next time

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life seems so sweet during times like these

So we finally left the dock at the yard and headed west. We are back in French Harbor. Being here on our boat all finished with the refit just feel so good. Now we only have maintenance. Last time we were here we thought of not much more than the work we had ahead of us. This time we can enjoy the view and our home in a whole different light. 

Here are a few pictures of our sail from Oak Ridge. Steve was a happy captain, it was his birthday. He is a lucky man to be able to live this life at 48, but he did work hard for many years. 

The cabin all clean and things stowed away for passage 
What can a captain ask for more on his Bday?  Ha! A drink looking at his boat at anchor.  

Lol i had to let him be tortured a little.  Kids of Owner of the bar loved his ipad

To make life even sweeter my cousin who breeds toy aussies gave us the word that she has the dog Steve will allow me to get, a black tri female. Yeah!  Im giddy daily. Only can think of her, we have named her Schooner

Now we dont have human babies to share with you readers like the Bums, but will have a dog that we treat like humuan. Though we lost our precious first lil mate, Fairlane. She will never be forgotten. But we have found room in our hearts for others. 

Life just hasnt been the same without her. Though I cant replace her I can share my love and care with others. So poor Schooner has been chosen for me to smoother with love. I say poor because she will never understand why others will treat her different than her parents. Lol. She isnt a dog to them. 

Our plans are to fly back to Texas to see the family and friends but mostly to meet with the kids and go pick up their new sister. Until then she will stay with my cousin at hotel Martin

Monday, May 18, 2015

More Pictures

So here are some other pictures I have saved on my phone that I would like to share before deleting them forever. 

This is from the day I went to renew our immigration status. I had a great day with Marilyn and her sisters. They took me down to Coxen Hole where the immigration and port captians offices are.  We also did a bit of shopping. 

Marilyn is Andrea' daughter inlaw

These are Luven' yard dog. Blackie and Rusty. 

My favorite. I actually had a dog that looked just like him

Just a pic of locals

Shots of local schools. Some public and some private

I love that they are behind bars. Lol. Not sure it is to keep people out or IN hahah

A Fiddler Crab in a light bulb. 

Inside the boat when I got to go inside

Fall out from 5200 and resin. Steve now has to let me recover the seabirth cushion. UGGG