Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life seems so sweet during times like these

So we finally left the dock at the yard and headed west. We are back in French Harbor. Being here on our boat all finished with the refit just feel so good. Now we only have maintenance. Last time we were here we thought of not much more than the work we had ahead of us. This time we can enjoy the view and our home in a whole different light. 

Here are a few pictures of our sail from Oak Ridge. Steve was a happy captain, it was his birthday. He is a lucky man to be able to live this life at 48, but he did work hard for many years. 

The cabin all clean and things stowed away for passage 
What can a captain ask for more on his Bday?  Ha! A drink looking at his boat at anchor.  

Lol i had to let him be tortured a little.  Kids of Owner of the bar loved his ipad

To make life even sweeter my cousin who breeds toy aussies gave us the word that she has the dog Steve will allow me to get, a black tri female. Yeah!  Im giddy daily. Only can think of her, we have named her Schooner

Now we dont have human babies to share with you readers like the Bums, but will have a dog that we treat like humuan. Though we lost our precious first lil mate, Fairlane. She will never be forgotten. But we have found room in our hearts for others. 

Life just hasnt been the same without her. Though I cant replace her I can share my love and care with others. So poor Schooner has been chosen for me to smoother with love. I say poor because she will never understand why others will treat her different than her parents. Lol. She isnt a dog to them. 

Our plans are to fly back to Texas to see the family and friends but mostly to meet with the kids and go pick up their new sister. Until then she will stay with my cousin at hotel Martin

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