Thursday, May 28, 2015

West End Roatan

We took off from French Harbor yesterday and arrived in lovely West End. Gorgeous! 

Water is clear and blue. Not too many other cruisers here at the moment. We did meet a female solo curiser that has been cruising the Caribbean in her 37 Tayana, when we arrived. She came over and offered help in connecting to a mooring ball that is provided to protect the turtle grass. Steve passed of course. Haha

It was awesome to meet a female single sailor. We meet male sailors all the time but not female. Another amazing thing is she is in her 70s. She likes it when I say she is older than dirt. She is an inspiration!

Today we ventured out to find the store and water. We found the store and the veggie stand that had outstanding produce. 

This is an interesting idea

We loved this guy at the produce stand 

Never found water but we did produce

I decided to put out a hummingbird feeder. We will be here at least a month, maybe one will come by

Steve keeping busy. Making a cover for the machete. 

He is set now

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