Monday, March 23, 2015

Re-core the deck, Last thing on the refit list

Well we have decided to go ahead and do the last thing on our refit list. We planned to do this in Guatemala but we were convinced it could be done here for the same price. We love Honduras' Bay Islands so why not.  

Why re-core the decks? 

The boat originally came with screwed down teak decks. That allowed water into the wood core. The previous owner had them taken up and reglassed and painted. They did a terrible job. It looked good but they didnt replace the wood core and they reglass over gelcoat in some parts without grinding it down. We knew of this issue when buying the boat. It was all figured into the price. It has been on the list. We were quoted 30k in the states and figured we would do it in Guatemala where its a fourth of the price. Then we were told we could do it here in Roatan and sure enough we found someone.

This will be a huge project. We will have to get off the boat for probably two months. This will allow Steve and the workers a chance to remove all the deck hardware and pull up the first layer of paint and fiberglass on most of the deck. They will dig out all the rotted wood and replace it with marine grade plywood. They will then put a new top layer of fiberglass and repaint. 

Hopefully while this is all being done I can find some volunteer work.  Maybe I can get in with a local school in some fashion. I would really like to take this time and get immersed into the community and culture. 

We are going to move the boat tomorrow for the repairs. I promise to post pictures and have give you the details as the work is being done. We will also post information on how to get in touch with the guy doing the work. 

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