Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The work begins in Roatan

Well we have been moved out of our home for several days now. Internet has been touch and go. We are staying with the Bodden family.  They are in Fiddler' Bite. They have been a blessing. Trevor Bodden works on boats and is friends with Luven Cook who is actually doing the work on Saga Sea. That's what I call a friend, a competitor, but a friend first.

This is Trevor and his sister, Audrey. 

We are staying with Andrea, Trevor' grandmother 

We moved the boat to Oak Ridge to Luven' yard.  This is Luven guiding us to his yard with is BEautiful dog. Love that dog

Signs the job needs to be done. 

First layer is off revealing the rotted core 

We knew it needed it but the thick layer of fiberglass really hid it. 

Here is where we are staying while the work is being done

Up there in the green wood frame house. 

This is Trevor' home he is slowly bulding 

Here is Luven and Trevor' contact information. If you ever need work done Roatan is a good place to do it. 

Luven Cook
011-(504) 3310-3817
-In and Outboard Motor Mechanic & Workshop
-Fiber Glass & Paint Work
Roatan, Honduras, C.A.

Trevor Bodden
-In and Outboard Motor Mechanic & Workshop
-Fiber Glass & Paint Work
-Gas Station
Roatan, Honduras, C.A.
011(504) 8903-6822 or 8890-2942

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