Sunday, March 22, 2015

A week in Roatan

Well tomorrow will be a week. We have been busy looking for fiberglass workers. We have gotten one quote and working on getting another. It looks as though we will have the work done here in Roatan starting in April, that is if we an find a responsible prices place to stay while the work is being completed. We are looking for where the locals stay. The work will be done in Oak Ridge so we need to stay close so Steve can help daily. 

Yesterday we joined a few other cruisers at a local music festival. It blew our month' spending but it was good to get out and be able to see more of the island. The Bay Islands are just gorgeous. Lush green hills with green/blue waters. 

We just had to try the local rum. Lol. We might have to go get a bottle or two. 

Oh today marks 24 years since my first born came into this world. Sure seems like yesterday. I had a shot for you baby boy. My Sonnie Bunny. Lol
Happy Birthday! 

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