Sunday, February 22, 2015

Enjoying Honduras more every day

We have met several "Gringos" that have decided to stay here for good. I can see why. Honduras seems to be a secret paradise. Cruisers and Divers have discovered it and a good amount have stayed. Rich green mountains, blue green water, tons of reefs and weather stays in the 80s. And they have only seen one hurricane in 50 years. Our only problem we have is the sand flies. Being from south Texas it really shouldnt be an issue but we are new blood so we have some adjusting to do. 

The locals have been so great. In the town, where the markets are, people are so helpful. Im constantly asking for directions because it is a maze. We have made friends quickly with some of the locals. Rosalinda, who owns a restaurant/bar on the island even let us see her home. I have asked if I could come spend the day with them and learn some of their cooking secrets. Shawn makes great fried chicken and ribs. And I love the fried plantains. 

Nora seems to want to take Fairlane frome us. Hahah I think she will bring her  back when she finds out what a princess she is 

We also enjoy a quick quesadilla at Lilly'. She is a sweetheart. I promise to get picks of my new friends soon. 

I did make Lisa stand with us for a picture. She owns and operates a gem of a place on a mountain, Mi Casa Too. I might have to make her adopt me because she has a place I would love to live in. A great wrap around porch that has an incredible view of "the bite". 

You have to hike a bit but its worth it. 

We have done some hiking with fellow cruisers. 

I got to play with a monkey as well. Makes me want one. Ill have to post those pictures later when I get them. 

We are planning a trip to the waterfall. We need to hire a water taxi because its on the other side of the island and our two horse putz-sea would take forever. 

We are thinking of staying in the Bay Islands longer than the 90 days. We hear it isnt hard to extend. 

Oh here are a couple of pics from last night Manati' 


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