Monday, February 23, 2015

Bonacca, Guanaja

I thought I would share what I read from a guide book on Bonacca 

It was built on rickety wooden causeways over a maze of canals, founded in the 1830's by immigrants from the Cayman Islands. They constructed their homes on what was then Hog and Sheen Cays. These two tiny little islets, with a total of one kilometer of land space connected by shoal, have since built to cover 18 square kilometers by generations tossing their garbage out the window and eventually covering it with sand, shells and coral. This came from Moon Handbook on Honduras. 

People come from all over the surrounding cays to get supplies on Bonacca. Supply boats come from the mainland once a week. The kids of Guanaja learn to drive boats rather than cars. You will see little boys with a shell of a boat out paddling and fishing. I've seen one boy pushing a boat under a structure from a canal. I guess they store boats under the structures to clear the canals. 

They have the canals for the bugs. We hear the sand flies don't like the salt water so it keeps them away. I've read that the mainland doesn't have the sand flies problem as well as Roatan. Well that will be a plus for Roatan that go against all the tourist shops that I don't miss. 

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