Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Going Slow in Caye Caulker, Belize

This seems to be Caye Caulker' theme. I'm all for that. I joke about how slow our boat and dinghy are and how Fairlane and myself are slow so I think I'm in the right place for the moment. 

We are enjoying our slow life. Its been almost a full four months since we tossed the lines. We are getting futher from America and running into less Americans.   In fact its been mostly Belizians and every other nation other than America. I love it. Today we took a tour for snorkeling and we were the only Americans. 

Yesterday we met a traveling couple that has sold their home in Canada and has taken off to travel. They arent traveling by sea but by other forms. Read about their amazing adventures. 

Here are some pictures of our time here. 

Yep I found the Starbucks. 

Oh forgot to mention we celebrated our 12th anniversary on Sunday. We enjoyed lobster tails and fish that a guy sold us at our boat. He paddled out and we bought from him. Nothing like that at home. 

This is a guy dredging. Amazing!

This is Fairlane loving up on perfect strangers. I think she really just wanted him to take her harness off. Lol

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