Friday, January 9, 2015

How the Kids are doing

Well if some of you are wondering how the kids are doing without me there, I believe just fine. Samantha is getting out of the Army and moving to San Antinio, Texas. She has been working hard at saving money and preparing for the life change. I chat with her several times a week and skype online a couple times a month. She has also been working out all of the tjme. I believe she has been studying for a personal trainer certification. 

Sonnie has been working hard. He is welding and him and Sharee have been fixing up their home. They now have three children. Their twins and the nee addition is a hound dog, Goose. Hate to publically say this but I much rather have those kind of grandchildren. 

Sharee is also working a ton. Both are really working hard and enjoying life. 

I am starting to feel like I can let go. They have been out of my nest for a very long time but I have always tried to help as much as they would let me from the side lines. I did cut them off financially a long time ago but every parents knows what Im talking about. They are making me proud with their hard work and being responsible for their actions. 

Hopefully they will come and see us next year but if not I understand and will always stay in touch. Its all about raising kids. My job is over! I wish them all the best. 

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